What is Satoshi City? Find out more about the Satoshi City game

What is Satoshi city? Let’s find out more about the Satoshi City on this article below

Gerneral information about the project 

To find out what is Satoshi City. SatoshiCity.world is a virtual world, where people can buy, sell, rent, collect and manage a real estate in each seperate NFTs. However, some land in the game will be kept, not for sale.

Players can upgrade their land to multiple level by using Staking token $CITY.

SatoshiCity also organizes virtual events and allows users to pay a one-time fee to participate. In addition, SatoshiCity awards grants to 3D artists to build amenities on land owned by SatoshiCity.

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Main factors

SatoshiCity is a virtual world where players can easily discover the game with some unique factors:

  • Investor/ Landlord: Player will invest on virtual real estate and they could become salers and hire their NFTs every time
  • Lenders / Borrowers: The Landlord can use their NFT assets as a collateral to borrow money
  • Buyers: People who buy virtual land from the landlord
  • Rentor: People who hire the virtual land from landlord
  • Manager:  People who used to manage the virtual land Người dùng sắp xếp các mảnh đất ảo.
  • Contributors/Builders: Independent 3D artists who build amenities on foundation-owned land
  • Independent Users: Users who come to the platform to participate in virtual events by paying a single fee.

Player can buy a virtual lands, build up your own emprie and upgrade them by using staking $CITY. While Staking, player might recieved plenty of gift beside upgrade your land such as: legendary avatar, META wargrounds, discount when purchasing game utilities.


Player can staking Token $CITY in order to upgrader their land. For example:

The differences

  • Build on Avax ecosystem
  • Heroes depending on level will be unlocked based on the staked $CITY
  • Lending, borrowing land


  • Token Name: CITY
  • Ticker: $CITY
  • Total Supply: 550.000.000 token
  • Initial Market Cap: 480.800$

Tokenomics comment

  • The Token which had been unlock for TGE for the seed, private 1, private 2 is low and will be paid afther 2 hours of TGE. This will help the game avoid Panic Sell, control the market better while DEV provide TOKEN account.
  • The TOKEN amount had bee paid really quick, players will recieved 100% TOKEN within 6 month. This will make the player have maximum effort for the game. Because $CITY is a  government token which is really value ingame. The more $CITY does player have, the more value present that player will receive in game. It will avoin dump token while $CITY have no value.
  • The  Community Rewards are high. About 20% is 110M TOKEN. It will promote staking of players. In addition, mkt jobs will also explode thanks to the amount of airdrop tokens in the community.

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The DEV team are strong, having highly experiences in market. Especially for serveral people:  

  • Yash Mehta: – Blockchain Developer Expert: Worke in some famous Metaverse project on market such as: ĐSandbox (+13,443.1%),  Bloktopia (+703.4%) an SinCity
  • Mohan Raj: Having lots of experiences in  Landsale Platform

Road map

About the potential of this project  

  • About the development direction: The project does not have much information. Developing the game ecosystem like other land-selling games. Need to monitor more about the direction of game development
  • About Team: The team is quite strong, has a famous dev who has made land sales platforms with high ROI such as Sandbox, Bloktopia
  • Advisor: No information
  • Truyền thông: Having  Twiiter, Telegram Annoucement Channel: 10k subscriber
  • Tokenomics:  Good Tokenomics. Having details Tokenomics breakdown table
  • Pitchdeck giao diện: The writing team has many unnecessary typos

Evaluation from Coincu Ventures: It is possible to invest in this project provided that the information below about Incubator and Team needs to be verified. Built on the Avalanche platform, the potential for success is completely there.

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