What is RaceMaster? Find out everythings about RaceMaster

What is RaceMaster? Let’s find out everythings about the project RaceMaster in the article below

What is RaceMaster?

Race Master game is one of the first racing E-sport games based on play to earn, free to play and co-create to earn PvP style with mind-blowing locations for players who want to achieve the highest rank on the road.

About Game Feature

At Race Master, players will have the most enjoyable time among the diverse game features. Race Master game provide best experiences for racers with high technology, users and financial support for the game revolution


Players will pay a fee to rent the track and find a match to play with another competitor according to the equivalent elo. If players win, they will get $ASTER and experience.


Free-to-earn mode for players who want to practice before competing with other players. After completing the race, players will get the reward experience to level up also unlock upper roads in PvP mode.


Race Master dev will organize fascinating tournaments for individuals and clans to compete against each other every season to receive rewards.

Metaverse Experiences

Passionate, Speed and Adventure are the primary principle that Race Master want to bring for players. Race Master is creating a universe called Meta Race based on VR/AR features, where players have virtual experiences on exciting roads. Let’s imagine you can express your handling skills, engineering knowledge and experience the ability to interact with your clan and compete with others.

Personalize your choice with race master NFTs car

In Race Master, every player can personalize your choice with serveral NFTs car such as:

Race Master Hyper (RMH)

Race Master Hyper is the highest level car in Race Master and guides you through the best enjoyable racing.

Race Master Premium (RMP)

Race Master Premium brings players fancy cars within the most smooth and adventurous experience.

Race Master Luxury (RML)

The luxury cars are proper within various models and designs from reputation car brands for every racing road.

Race Master Superior (RMS)

The most effortlessly smooth cars and deliver subtle shove city cruisers.

Race Master Deluxe (RMD)

The most adventurous cars on the road compete and break all the limits among other players.


In RaceMaster, there are 2 types of Tokenomics which players could use to buy, sell or trade with other on the game.

  • RAS Token: RAS is Race Master’s primary token. RAS Token is crucial to the Race Master game’s long-term play-to-earn economy.
  • ASTER Token: ASTER is a token that would be used in-game. There is no limit on the number of tokens that can be used.

How to earn with Race Master?

Road Map

Core Team



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