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What is Pixel Pix? Learn about the Pixel Pix project and the PIX token

Pixel Pix is a new NFT game project that updates the Play to Earn trend. Participants can not only play the game, but also earn money from the game they play. The game is designed to be intuitive, easy to play for everyone. Let’s find out interesting information about this new game project with

What is Pixel Pix?

Pixel Pix is a game project designed on the blockchain platform. The game is designed in a user-centered way around exciting journeys in the digital world. 

The universe in the game is broken down into digital atoms with unlimited expansion. Players can create their own NFT from the first pixel.

Game Pixel Pix develops according to the trend of modern games but still keeps the familiar symbolism of the pixel. The main idea stems from building a massive digital world where pixels are the building blocks that form the PIXELVERSE environment and economy.

The only limit in PIXELVERSE is that the number of pixels is limited to 1 billion. All creations and building things in the game are limitless based on the player’s imagination.


Information about the Pixel Pix project

Pixel Pix Team

The Pixel Pix development team brings together talented and experienced young people in game development and blockchain. They include:

  • Andrius: Game Design Team Leader with 10 years of experience in game design and startups. He is also the founder of Game starter, creative director at Playbox Studio.
  • Donatas: Game Development Team Leader, he is an experienced software engineer, proficient in both 3D Math, Unity 3D, PHP, C++ and HLSL. Donatas has 8 years of experience in game development
  • Jonas: Game developer. Starting as a graphic design engineer, he has 5 years of experience in game development and has a lot of experience in Unity 3D Game.


Pixel Pix Roadmap

According to the plan, the development roadmap of the Pixel Pix project will be planned as follows:

4th quarter of 2021

  • Conduct NFT presale on Gamestarter
  • Issue and list IGO, $PIX
  • Pixel builder and NFT generator
  • Introduce $PIX farmland

1st quarter of 2022

  • Pixel Pix world metaverse on browser-based environment, Alpha version 
  • Pixel Pix Virtual Reality social hub
  • Full scale Pixel Pix NFT Marketplace 
  • Alpha version of P2E game
  • Animated character builder
  • 5 new universes, access based on player’s pixel count

2nd quarter of 2022

  • Pixel Pix world metaverse on browser-based environment, Beta version 
  • iOS and Android game release and NFT + $PIX wallet

3rd-4th quarters of 2022

  • Full scale Pixel Pix metaverse release
  • VR metaverse game release (VR NFT trading experience and gameplay)
  • New set of PIXIES and animations
  • iOS and Android app for NFT pets and gameplay
  • Trading ofl NFTs and $PIX on mobile apps


Gameplay of Pixel Pix

Pixel Pix aspires to build a simple game for all players. Also providing liquidity for their creations. The rewards that players receive will correspond to the contributions to the ecosystem.

  • Players can choose from:
  • Explore the virtual world PIXELVERSE
  • Build their own PIXIES and name them
  • Automatically generate NFTs and register trademarks on the platform. Then trade them on the Gamestarter NFTs marketplace.
  • Participate in betting, trading PIXIES,…

About Pixies

PIXIES are things you create. Their limit is imagination and the number of pixels the player owns. If you want to make a building, you can buy an available PIXIE and start doing the work.

Each PIXIE will have different levels of complexity. Each player will start playing with one pixel and earn more pixels as the game progresses. To complete a PIXIE, many pixels are required.

When creating a unique PIXIE, players can name it and add various features. You can get Pixels in two ways. That is: join the battle in the arena and buy pixels according to the corresponding ratio: 1 pixel = 1 $PIX.


In the game, there will be many arenas with different modes of competition. Owners of PIXIES will use them in environments with different rules. Depending on each PIXIE level, the player can fly, walk, jump or interact in any way in PIXELVERSE.

Besides, the game also has a selection mode for multiplayer, turning PIXELVERSE into an interactive environment across a variety of devices such as mobile phones, PCs or VR.

How to increase Pixels in the game

If players want to increase the number of pixels owned by the Play to Earn method, they can compete in the PIXELVERSE arenas. Here are some effective ways:

  • Interacting with PIXIES that have different physical features from different environments.
  • Join the competition and play in the arena
  • Create and buy Pixel in the marketplace.

Pixel Pix’s Development Platform

The Pixel Pix platform is built through the Unity 3D engine. Gameplay will be pre-set on browser-based mobile devices and VR. Thanks to that, users can control and interact with their PIXIES anywhere and anytime.

Pixel Pix is designed in a 3D environment that allows players to move PIXIES in all directions. At the same time, they are free to modify or merge the PIXIES they own.

In addition, players can also earn other pixels from the game to upgrade PIXIE the way they want. To provide a better user experience, the developer will grant VR game access that allows users to interact with their creations.

What is the PIX token?

The PIX token is the token used to buy and trade pixels in the game, driving the NFT minting process. Conversion rate: one pixel for every $PIX. In the game, there is a total of 1 billion $PIX.

To make Pixel Pix easy for players to access, the developer uses Polygon technology, Binance chain, Ethereum chain, and bridge technology in the game. As a result, users can easily move PIXIES between different blockchains in a convenient and low-cost way.

Note that $PIX has no monetary value outside of the game. So there is no tax on $PIX coin holders. However, if $PIX token holders opt for digital currency, they may still have to pay taxes.

Information about the Pixel Pix token

Token name: Pixel

Token Tiker: PIX

Blockchain: BSC, ETH, Polygon

Token Standard: Updating…

Token Type: Utility

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 PIX

PIX token allocation


Pixel Pix Token Issuance Plan


Token storage wallet

Tokens are currently stored in e-wallets such as: Trust Wallet, Metamask,…


Review of the Pixel Pix project 

Inspired by the Pixel game that is familiar to many people, Pixel Pix is ​​developed with a lot of fresh and rich content. In the game, players will create their own PIXIE based on their imagination and create their own unique style.

Besides, players can earn more pixels in the game by participating in the arena, buying new ones or trading them in the market. Pixel Pix is ​​built through Unity 3D engine to make it easy for you to play games anywhere and anytime.

The Play to Earn mechanism is also an attraction of this new game project compared to previous traditional games. Players can earn money by selling their PIXIES for $PIX. Thanks to bridging technology, PIXIE is easily transacted across chains.

In short, Pixel Pix is expected to bring many interesting experiences to players and receive much attention from the gaming community.



Hopefully, the information shared above will help you have a clearer view of the Pixel Pix game project. Don’t forget to follow our next articles to stay updated on the latest NFT game. Have a nice day!

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