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What is Mad Monkey Guild ($MMG)? Find out everythings about Mad Monkey Guild

Mad Monkey Guild has been created, during the time that GameFi is still in its early stages, but it has potential. It’s just a matter of time before it blows up. It will grow even quicker if there is a central location that connects Players, Issuers, and Investors.

To begin playing, the gamer must pay a large amount. As a result, reaching individuals who cannot afford to pay this price will be challenging. Furthermore, NFT gaming startup projects require funding as well as a route to advertise photos to players and investors. There aren’t many powerful streamers engaging in community growth, training, and education just yet.

Those are some of the challenges for newbies when they first enter in this Crypto world in general. That’s why Mad Monkey Guild is here to support and be your companion for the journey.

What is Mad Monkey Guild?

Mad Monkey Guild (MMG) enables NFT gamers to make a living doing what they love and nurtures remarkable guild members to become native NFT game streamers and influencers who advocate the metaverse’s creator economy.

MMG has been operating in the shadows and now boasts 500 Axie scholars, 2000 NFT assets, and 2 million+ followers from elite influencers. Their primary market of focus is Southeast Asia, where the team has substantial connections.

Aside from automated guild operation with a P2E manager board and automated payment, MMG has also developed a push method to assist scholars in reaching their maximum earning potential.

The guild also offers edustation, community events, and an incubation program to ensure that any player can onboard NFT games within 72 hours with the appropriate mentality, and to provide aspiring guild members the opportunity to become the next major native NFT game community leader.

Outstanding Features

What is the project trying to achieve?

Mad Monkey Guild is aiming in NFT gameplay, mentality, and streaming skill training for players to ensure they can play well in a new game in 72 hours. So that, guild members can earn extra income by doing what they love.

Besides that, they are finding new talents among guild members and grooming them to become the future generation of NFT Gaming streamers.

What are unique selling points?

Mad Monkey EduStation

MMG Education Station (edustation) develops unique and accessible guidelines and training sessions with highly creative content that can easily deliver the most P2E learning curve to everyone as the center of the GameFi world.

P2E Management Abroad

With a single click, scholars and managers can gain access to MMG’s dynamic dashboard, which displays their performance and advancement to the next level. The dashboard will clearly highlight how much a scholar has earned each day as well as when the next payment will be released. It not only assists academics in keeping track of their own progress and goals, but it also assists MMG in determining the issue in detail at an early stage and swiftly implementing a solution.

Tokens & NFT Asset Investment

Aside from P2E activity, the MMG Asset Management Department contributes to the overall asset value increase by investing in the most promising token and NFT assets that have been scanned and analyzed in accordance with MMG investment guidelines.

Native NFT Game Streamer Incubator Program

Level-up The program assists in transforming a newcomer from zero to hero in the new metaverse by converting the most skilled NFT game streamer from a traditional game streamer and non-crypto user.

Automated Payments

The system will automatically distribute the payment for scholars appropriately and on time based on the income sharing scheme.

The Push System

It functions similarly to a ranking system, allowing MMG to appropriately evaluate scholars’ performances. MMG may provide additional resources to great scholars in order to maximize income and benefit both scholars and MMG.


Technical Data

Key Metrics

  • Token Name: Mad Monkey Guild
  • Ticker: MMG
  • Blockchain: TBA
  • Token Standard: TBA
  • Contract: TBA
  • Token Type: Governance
  • Total Supply: TBA
  • Circulating Supply: TBA

Token Allocation

Token Sale

For the Token Sale Date, we will update you soon

Token Release Schedule

Token Use Case

  • MMG can be staked for token rewards relating to its overall activity.
  • Stake MMG for rewards related to specific activities and exclusive content
  • Hold MMG to get the airdrop from Partners
  • MMG tokens can be used to pay for services in its network

Besides that, you can stake MMG to vote and participate in DAO Stake MMG to subscribe to exclusive merchandise. Proposal and voting will be related but not limited to the following subject:

The founders will be the core team and the first DAO participants at the early stages of the token structure. It will gradually comprise of early investors, asset owners, and blockchain gaming, and NFT participants.

MMG token holders will eventually take over as protocol administrators from the early team. Any MMG token holder can submit a suggestion via the MMG website. The majority of votes will be used to make decisions. Tokens are awarded to community members who submit a winning proposal for the entire DAO to implement.

How to own the token?

We will update you soon! Stay tuned

Markets and Community


Founding Team

Management Team

Team Members



Alternative Projects

Yield Guild Game

Yield Guild Game (YGG) is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that invests in non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are utilized in virtual worlds and blockchain-based games.

The concept arose from witnessing how Axie Infinity popularized the concept of play-to-earn with the release of the Small Love Potion ($SLP) token, an in-game resource acquired by winning matches. Because $SLP is an ERC20 token, it may be swapped for ETH or other tokens in Uniswap before being cashed out for money.

The real test for this new concept came when the COVID-19 outbreak struck, and people with no prior knowledge of cryptocurrency began signing up for Axie in the hopes of earning some money. Playing Axie became a viable, alternative source of income in the Philippines and other nations suffering from significant unemployment during the COVID-19 crisis. In many circumstances, playing Axie Infinity can even be more profitable than working full-time in various impoverished countries throughout the world!

Merit Circle

Merit Circle is creating a decentralized autonomous organization that develops opportunities to earn through play for people who want to help build the metaverse. This is done through the Merit Circle platform we are building, which hosts scholarship opportunities, educational opportunities, and everything a person could need on their journey towards being an earning gamer in the metaverse.

The Merit Circle DAO consists of a mainDAO governing over numerous subDAOs that function as tentacles all across the Play-to-Earn industry. The protocol is maintained by various independent parties and individuals through governance powered by the MC token holders.


Mad Monkey Guild (MMG) is not an entirely new concept. But at the same time, they still have their own unique style to make them look different by helping all the talented gamers could become blockchain game streamers and empowered their futures.

The project is still in its 1st phase, there will be more exciting news about the project. Stay tuned with us, we will update you right when there are official information

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Sources: Coincu

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