What is Ftribe Fighters (F2 NFT)? All about the Ftribe Fighters project

What is Ftribe Fighters (F2 NFT)? 

Ftribe Fighters (F2 NFT) is an exciting MOBA game with eye-catching graphics. Players can play solo, duos, a squad of 4 and fight on various planets. Combat skills, teamwork and survival skills are essential in this world as everyone is trying to be the last one standing.

Venturing into this competitive and challenging world, you are equipped with a wide range of weapons, kits and accessories that will  suit you best and help you conquer the world. You can find all available items in the store or lease them at an affordable price through a leasing option set up among players. 

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Project highlights

 F2 NFT aims to build a transparent, decentralized environment, where players have the right to play the game their way freely. The game’s ecosystem comprises: Ftribe Fighters, the Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), NFT Marketplace, the DeFi platforms and Box Store. 

Ftribe Fighters Game 

Players can have exciting adventures in a world full of competition and challenges. The equipped weapons and tools will help you overcome difficult obstacles. Use all your fighting, survival and teamwork skills to become the last survivor. 


Ftribe Fighters has developed a Market where players can trade items (NFTs) and gives full item ownerships to players by: 

  • Players can use F2C tokens or Stablecoins in the Marketplace. Transactions are transparent and processed in the form of smart contracts and completely decentralized. Transactions are voluntary, not binding. 
  • The seller will be charged a fee of 6% of the item’s value on each successful transaction. Although buyers and sellers have to bear some network fees, rest assured that cheap network fees have been optimized. 
  • This fee will go to the Ftribe Fighters treasury, creating a budget to help grow the platform and reward F2C holders who are participating in DeFi and helping the platform grow.

 Box Store 

Players can find kits and items from box kits or boxe items in the Box Store. With the item box, you can choose any Hat, Armor, Pants, Shoes, Weapon, or Accessories to fulfil your equipment set. 

There are now five types of boxes on sale: Regular Box, Rare Box, Super Rare Box, Epic Box and Legendary Box. Each set of boxes will contain hats, armor, pants and shoes of the same category divided into two genders, male and female.

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 DeFi Platform 

Ftribe Fighters creates multiple pools to increase liquidity for F2C and FRT tokens. Enabling staking and farming packages also gives users the opportunity to receive more $F2C and $FRT. 

In the near future, users will get more help optimizing the F2 NFT platform, earning more passive income and other features in the Ftribe Fighters ecosystem.

 Reward System

Leaderboard: Ranking will be published in each day, week, month and year. Players who win and are ranked high on the leaderboard will receive corresponding rewards. 

Rankings for each day and each week are short-term. If players want to receive valuable rewards, they need to maintain their achievements and rankings for a long time.

Seasonal and special events will be held every 3 months with many great and attractive rewards. Meanwhile, special events are often held on special occasions of the year with unexpected rewards. 

Game modes 

Participating in F2 NFT, players can choose from various game modes such as: 

  • Battle Royal: Solo, Duos, Squad of 4 
  • Death Match (coming soon)
  • Tower Defense (coming soon) 

The rules of the game are as follows: Players will participate in a 12, 24, or 32 players match. Each match will last about 5 minutes. The last survivor of the match will be the winner. When participating, there will be an electric field that closes the map after a short time, players need to find ways to avoid being trapped in the field or they will be eliminated. 

Token Basics 

  • Token Name: Ftribe Fighters Token. Ticker: F2C. 
  • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain. Token Standard: BEP20 
  • Contract: Updating… 
  • Token type: Utility, Governance. 
  • Total Supply: 900,000,000 F2C. Circulating Supply: Updating… 

Token Utilities

  • Pay for equipped in-game items
  • Pay transaction fees
  • Used for other purposes such as voting on new feature development and adjusting game parameters in favor of players and game publishers.
  • Use in all 3 games in the ecosystem of the game publisher.

Token Allocation

  • Seed: 8,89%
  • Private Sale: 11,73%
  • Public Sale: 2,20%
  • Community Marketing: 12,86%
  • Advisors Board: 3%
  • Core Team/ Dev Team: 11,5%
  • In game Reward: 25%
  • Revert Fund: 5%
  • Ecosystem Fund: 5$ Liquidity (DEX – CEX): 15%


Q4 2021:

  • Launch F2- Ftribe Fighters Private Sale
  • Launch F2- Ftribe Fighters IDO Launch Box Store
  • Launch the collection of NFT items
  • Release the game Beta test version on Android and iOS.
  • Game Release – Solo Mode

Project team, investors & partners .

Project team 

The core team of the F2 NFT project is a team of young people who share the same passion for games and have  experience in blockchain and game development. 

  • Anthony Phan: CEO, co-founder. 
  • Minh Nguyen: Chief Operating Officer, Co-Founder. 
  • Mike Nguyen: Marketing Director, Co-Founder. 
  • Quan Ho: Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder. 
  • Steven Truong: Director of Information Technology, Co-Founder. 
  • Lan Tran: Sales Director, Co-Founder.
  • Trung Ngo: Community Manager. 
  • Cao Phan: Product Manager. 
  • Laura Nguyen: Art Director
  •  Harry Ho: Executive Producer. 

Investors & Partners 


Allinstation has provided you with detailed information about the Ftribe Fighters (F2 NFT) project and the F2C token. Let’s find out and consider the project to make the best investment decisions, good luck!!!

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