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What is DeFiHorse? Interesting horse racing NFT game coming in 2022

Welcome to DeFiHorse, a new concept in horse breeding and racing. As the use of cryptocurrencies increases every year, businesses around the world are evolving and incorporating this innovative technology into their operations. The team did some Market Research on Esport Audience Growth and found out that the Asia Pacific market accounts for 52% of the Online Game market.

Another aspect of blockchain that has been blowing up recently is NFT. While the market for NFTs is still quite small, with a secondary trading volume of only $2-3 million, the technology used in NFT is anticipated to bring significant improvements to not only the collectibles business, but also for the blockchain world in the years to come.

Those are reasons why the Team of this project decided to come up with a fascinating idea is to combine two major trends at the moment: NFTs and video games. This combination has created something truly unique.


What is DeFiHorse?

DefiHorse is a blockchain-based horse racing environment in which users can earn tokens by battling for their horse and contributing to the ecosystem. Players can use DFH, the platform’s utility token, to compete, gather, grow, and breed their horses, as well as monetize their gaming experiences on the Binance Smart Chain.

NFT in-game is a game-changing concept that is revolutionizing the gaming industry as a new approach to operate and monitor the in-game economy. Third parties can simply review all NFT assets and DefiHouse genetic data, allowing community developers to create their own tools and experiences in the DeFiHorse World.

Project Goal

The goal of the DefiHorse team is to develop a world in which people can play, share, trade and breed their own horses without relying on centralized authority. The team’s objective is to entirely disclose the Defihorse so that gamers may enjoy safe copyright ownership while earning NFT.

According to the DeFiHorse team, these advances are significant. Every year, this industry has grown significantly since its inception. However, there are some problems that cannot be solved, such as:

  • Centralization of the player’s own material in all previous game releases restricts rights and ownership.
  • Centralizing control over virtual asset trading is a big issue since it prevents players/owners from receiving a fair value for their creations and assets.
  • Existing game marketplaces are built on in-game and real-world fiat, both of which have several issues such as credit card fraud, money hacking, thievery, inflation, and so on. These issues may significantly destabilize in-game economy and create poor experiences for players.

By addressing these issues, DeFiHorse can help enhance future growth.



All unraced racehorses start off as Faunus racehorses. Each unraced racehorse will be assigned a basic rating based on its Genotype, as stated below:


Base Rating
G1 to G3 63
G4 to G6 52
G7 to G9 30
G10 17

The aim for this is to combine racehorses with similar talents following their first Faunus race. The base grade will be applied to all racehorses in the ecosystem, including existing racehorses.

It is important to understand that the Faunus Class serves as an entry point or a grading race to see how your racehorse is performing. All unlicensed racehorses will be placed in the Faunus Class. Class Faunus racehorses can only compete in Faunus Class races.

After competing in a Faunus Class race, your racehorse will be moved to Class 2, Class 3, Class 4 or Class 5 based on its performance in the first race.


In the later stages of the map, Defihorse will dive into the deep digital world of the metaverse. Horseverse will be integrated with metaverse gaming platforms like Decentraland, Sandbox, and more.

Players can own their racing courses to invite friends or other players on metaverse to join in the game. Or you can bring your horses to other platforms and interact, meet up with other users.

Economic systems of Defi Horse

User can make money in DeFiHorse  in various ways:

  • NFT Asset Sale – There will be a periodic drop in the DefiHorse platform, where participants can acquire assets such as horses and racehorses.
  • They will charge a small fee for all transactions on the platform: selling NFT horses, racing, breeding, etc.


Fee structure

Fees are applied on the platform for every transaction. The amount of the fee is determined by the type of transaction.

Transaction Fee
NFT horses sales 4.25%
NFT horse breeding 15-30% total Stub fee
Participating in the race 2% of entry fee

Breeding Fee = Base Price x {[Blood Weight x 80%] + [Breed Weight x 20%]} x Breeding with your own stable discount (if applicable)

Cyberpunk Style

Cyberpunk is a science fiction subgenre set in a dystopian future that focuses on a “combination of lowlife and high tech”, and the Project’s Art Team was inspired by it while designing the look of in-game Racehorses.


Getting Started with the Game

How to play?


NFT RaceHorses


There are four (4) bloodlines in DefiHorse: Chaos, Titan, Poseidon, and Heroic. Each bloodline has unique characteristics that affect how a racehorse’s ability is calculated during the birthing (minting) process.


From the start, bloodline is the most important aspect of determining a racehorse’s overall ability rating. The more sought-after a lineage, the more likely your racehorse(s) to achieve success and consistent performance on the track.

Rare bloodlines, such as the Chaos, will be more expensive to breed than the more common Poseidon and Heroic bloodlines in order to protect the worth of bloodlines.

Bloodlines will account for a significant percentage of the overall weighting component when calculating the minimum breeding price. The bloodline of your male racehorse will effectively play a key influence in determining the minimal breeding price that you can set.


In DefiHorse, male and female horses are available, each with one of two characteristics: having offspring or not having progeny.

  • A Colt is a male horse that has not yet given birth
  • A Filly is a female horse that has not yet given birth  
  • A Mare is a female horse that has given birth
  • A Stallion is a male horse that has given birth

Female horses command a somewhat higher premium because you get to keep the progeny when the horse breeds. Each newly born baby’s gender will be selected at random.


The number reflecting how far down the lineage (or family tree) a racehorse is from its original progenitors is referred to as its genotype.

For example, Z1 is the most unusual and has the highest probability of producing a top-performing racehorse (s). The higher the genotype (or Z number), the less likely the racehorse will be a strong racer. Z268 is the maximum genotype.

When breeding two thoroughbreds together, the new genotype is calculated as follow:

Z XXX of stallion + Z XXX of mare

Breeds Type

Breed Type is a classification method that is used to help identify genotypes. Ascended, Mythic, Legendary, Elite, Evolution, and Popular are the six (6) breed types in total.

All Ascended racehorses issued early (Z1 to Z10) are the purest breed and cannot be replicated. DefiHorse sells the Ascended racehorse breed, which is useful in determining a racehorse’s racing ability.

The more like your racehorse’s breed type is to the Ascended breed, the greater your racehorse’s racing ability. Breeding with top-tier breed types will, of course, result in a greater minimum breeding charge.

Breed types contribute to a significant percentage of the total weighted when calculating the minimum breeding price. 

As with bloodlines, the breed type of your male racehorse will play a factor in determining the lowest breeding price that you can set.

Coat Color

Although coat color does not affect performance, coat color can be highly valued by players and have been carefully considered in the breeding process. Several features of breeding allow players to optimize the coat color outcome for new progeny. These are some examples:

  • ​Coat color breeding formula
  • ​​Coat color groups and rarity tiers

Coat Color Breeding Formula

When it comes to racehorse collectibility in Defihorse, coat color is really important. Every newborn progeny in Defihorse is assigned a coat color. The complexity of this procedure is determined by the following equation:

Breeding Pairs (bp) x Breeding Rarity (br) = Offspring Coat Color

The section that follows goes into greater detail on the definitions and examples of Breeding Pairs (bp) and Breeding Rarity (be).

NOTE: Each offspring’s specific gender outcome is generated at random.

Coat Color Groups

The varied group classifications allow each player to determine the distinctiveness of a racehorse’s coat color. The table below categorizes colors according to Coat Color Groups and Rarity Tiers.


NOTE: Coat color rarity is defined as the expected number of Chaos Z1 Genesis racehorses with that specific coat color.

To avoid confusion, they define a color group as all color types inside a group. They also refer to coat color boxes, which are just the coat colors inside a rarity tier group.

NFT Racehorses Breeding

Only male racehorses (colts or stallions) are permitted to stay in the Stud Farm for 7 days. Once your racehorse is in Stud Farm, it cannot be withdrawn until the breeding season is through.

You have the option of determining your own breeding price as the owner of a male racehorse. If a female racehorse (such as a filly or mare) decides to breed with your male racehorse, the male racehorse will keep the stud fee while the female racehorse will receive the progeny

Stud Farm and Fee Structure

If a male racehorse stays in the Stud Farm for a longer amount of time, the stable owner will receive a higher percentage of the payments. The majority of the breeding fees, as shown in the table below, go back into the community prize pools for DefiHorse’s free races and big events. As stated below:

Time in stub 1 day 2 days 7 days
Stub owner 40% 48% 56%
Prize pool 45% 37% 29%
Platform fee 15% 15% 15%

Fees collected when breeding with your own stable are distributed as follows:

Distribution Percentage
Public Prize Pool 70%
Platform Fee 30%

NFT Marketplace

NFTs can be purchased and traded both in-game and on any NFT marketplace. The owner has full control over their NFT horses and DefiHorse Tokens, which are stored in a separate wallet. In both cases, the payer can choose between randomly generated horses and race-bred horses. The horses could be sold at a set price or at auction.

  • When a user purchases a horse from the marketplace for a fixed amount, DefiHorse Tokens are deducted from their wallet. NFT horses are included in their budget.
  • If the user paid a specified price for a horse from another user. The ownership of the NFT horse is transferred to the buyer’s wallet. The vendor receives the DefiHorse Tokens.

All in-game assets are represented by money or cryptocurrency. All transactions are conducted in DefiHorse Tokens, ensuring a stable token supply.

Race Performance Indicators (RPI)

Speculate on your racehorse’s performance using these key signs to predict how your horse will do in its upcoming race.

  • Fatigue Level
  • Race Performance

Tap To Earn

During the race, players can interact in real-time to assist the horse in changing speed to better the end outcome, adding a sense of interest to the game.

The team is working on more information about this. We will update right away when we have official news.



Technical Data

Key Metrics

  • Token Name: DeFiHorse
  • Ticker: $DFH
  • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain
  • Token Standard: BEP20
  • Contract: TBA
  • Token Type: Ultility
  • Total Supply: 668,000,000 DFH
  • Circulating Supply: TBA

Token Allocation


Token Sale

We will update when having official annouce!

Token Release Schedule


Token Use Case

The $DFH token is a fungible cryptographic token built on the Binance Smart Chain. A fungible token is one that may be traded for other tokens of the same type, resulting in one DFH token having the same value and qualities as any other single DFH token.

DeFiHorse provides the first reference for how the $DFH Token can be used in the ecosystem, with each additional supporting title adding value and utility to the broader DFH ecosystem and the token itself.

Utility Description
NFT purchases DFH will be used as a means to purchase exclusive racehorse NFTs. The number of NFTs made available for purchase will be proportional to the amount of DFH in circulation.
Gameplay entry fee For all gameplay modes, players pay DFH as an admission fee.
Gameplay rewards A percentage of the gameplay costs collected in each race will be utilized as player awards, which will be distributed to participating players depending on their race performance. A percentage of the gaming charge will also be distributed as dividends to the track’s owners.
Staking Owners of racehorse NFTs can “stake” them to earn DFH, with the amount determined by the rarity and value of the NFT, as well as the duration of the staking period. Players may also stake DFH and get extra DFH dividends as well as NFTs in exchange.

How to own TOKEN

There are many ways to earn money in DefiHorse and this is some particular method

Proffesional horse races

Defihorse designed based on a real horse racing. There’s an unpredictability when crossing 2 types of horses race against each other. The top notch horses can by produces by by non-Genesis horses. 

If you want to have a high class racehorses, you have to investigated all the information about the horse you intend to mate, especially:

  • DNA record
  • Race performances history

Every horses has a particular DNA (the blood type, the genotype, and coat color), and a special skills which had been achieved by their parents. The opportunity for you to scale up is to let your horses give birth and being the winner in every races.

Making official profit

Another ways for producing yield is through breeding. For example: If your horses is being highly welcome because of it’s rarity or proven track recorded of victories, you horses will be in great demand for breeding.

Remember,  the more desirable the bloodline, the higher the mating price you can ask at Stud Farms.

Exclusive NFT

Through out crossbreeding, you NFT horses can produce more. When a foal is born, a new token will be generated in order to represent the DNA profile (the blood type, genotype and coat color).

You can add to your stable legacy by increasing the NFT amount based on utilities. Especially, you can name your new horse with a special name to increase it values. The suitable nickname could help you increase your income. But remember, you only have once to name your racehorses, so let ‘s choose wisely!

Hiring NFT

NFT racehorse’s owner can lend there NFT to other for a while with a suitable price. And they must believe that ‘s their property.

In the meantime, several Gaming community have contacted Defihorse to buy NFT and formed the Defihorse Racing Society. That will make user have more chances to earn some passive income.

The lender could transfer their NFT horserace they want to rent into a smart contract after choosing daily rental fee and maximum rental period. After that, the borrower have to specify how long they want to own the NFT horses, pay the rental fee and the amount equal to the NFT purchase price which they will receive after the NFT is returned.

Market and Community










We have seen the power of play to earn with  Axie Infinity. And it will not the only game allow players to earn money in a few years later. With the similarities in economics definition, DeFiHorse could achieved sucess as usual. But, DefiHorse has prove to be an outstanding game due to game play. Player has to join in for a long time to have more interacted and develop the network in a faster ways.

But, after the game, we can save our comment. You will have to play if you want to experiences a new gameplay. The metaverse version will be the most attractive one. What could be more perfect if you could own a race and invited you mate to have a wonderful gameplay on weekend?

Get along with us so that we could provided you more about the project! We will let you know ASAP!

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