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VirusSs: “It doesn’t matter how long I join the market, what matters is that I’m rich”

A Vietnamese streamer name ViruSs had just replied for a negative comment from a drama with Zet Under – a business man

Recently, a Vietnamese streamer name ViruSs had been involved in a controversy related to imparting to the community false knowledge about cryptocurrencies. He has also been accused of “trading chickens” to make a profit for himself. In particular, he was told by a YouTube account that it was not good and also quickly rebutted the above comment.

Especially, in the video talking about his scandal, there is a comment that ViruSs has little knowledge and talks “dumb”. This person thinks that the  streamer has only just entered this market, but does not have much practical experience because of the saying “this is the first time seeing the red market”.

The above comment has attracted quite a lot of attention from the community. Immediately after that, VirusSs also spoke out against this user.

ViruSs explained that he was simply trying to embellish his statement to create humor. In particular, he affirmed that: “It doesn’t matter how long I participate in the market, the matter is I’m rich”. Along with that, he also added that he will not try to explain if this user comments with malicious intent.

Below this comment, there are also many opinions that ViruSs is acting “ethical” but is actually making a profit thanks to the ignorant community.

  • “What’s funny about financial investment?”
  • “If you’re a chicken, of course you’re rich!”
  • “Listen to the saying ‘I’m rich’ is to understand the calculation!”

The above explanation has indirectly confirmed that he currently has great economic capacity, so there is no need for him to argue with other people. other people, especially those with bad intentions.

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