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Unexpected discovery of the virtual currency of the project that ViruSs once advertised: Only going down but not going up?

Since the IDO day on November 27th to December 26th, 2021. The TOKEN price of the project that ViruSs advertised only going down, not going up

On a Tiktok channel who had 2.1 million followers, Lawyer Ha had just warned about 2 types of game hiding virtual money for gamble in disguise. Especially, there is I.P, a blockchain project which had been introduced by ViruSs through out his live streaming on many platform.

According to lawyer Ha, who had 2.1 millions followers on TikTok, I.P is one of the 2 game which hiding virtual money for gamble.

Lawyer Ha in the video warns of two types of games that “hide the shadow of virtual money” to gamble in disguise

Poker is a sport which had been compared to chess, but this is only true without gambling. When a players lose his Poker game by money, that is gambling. Lawyer Ha made his comment.

After being traced many time, the gambling website had been changed to virtual money, which hiding as a poler gaming just like I.P recently. “Although we lose the game by real currency or virtual money, it’s a gamble situation”, lawyer Ha confirm.

Since last November 2021, ViruSs had joined an AMA (an online event to solve the community question) for I.P blockchain project.

According to lawyer Ha, beside directly gambling, the person who advertised the project must be held respondsibility to the law.

I.P had been introduced as a new approach to online poker, which had attracted plenty of KOLs and provide first e-sports platfor by Defi application in order to allow player participated in a poker tournament by providing digital assets and NFT holding. The Token was listed on 2021 and being operated in Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)

“Participating in free or paid tournaments, players in IP can earn real prizes by winning games, getting rewards for inviting people and organizing tournaments, and profiting from Collateral provided ” according to the PR content.

According to Coinmarrketcap, since the listing time on November 27th to December 26th, the I.P Token Price only go down. Started at 0.105 USD/token, the price had been at 0.0085 USD/token at December 26th.

A few days ago, ViruSs was also accused by businessman Zet Under – a long-time and well-known investor in Vietnam: “The market experience has not been 3 months, you have already gone to raise chickens.”

Information about cryptocurrencies (cryptocurrency), commonly known as “virtual money” has not been recognized by Vietnamese law. The information in the article is for reference only and has no investment recommendation value.

GameFi (short for Game + Finance) is a term that refers to blockchain games that incorporate a financial element. The information in the article is for reference only and has no investment recommendation value.

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