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Too many NFT games are trash, are temporary players innocent?

Recently, the online community condemned ViruSs for shilling (promoting) the NFT game and then gathering “chickens”, then cursing the DEV for being bad… But there is one most important factor that helps them survive. That’s the temporary player.

Not only greedy DEVs but also temporary players contribute greatly to creating an already chaotic market that produces more and more trash games.

Temporary players: As far as I can see, they are the ones who don’t like long-term investments, only like to gain fast, gain steadily, and then disappear… They keep an eye on new games and jump in first to get a position. The sign of these guys is that they’re experts at picking up new games and participating early, being the first. They also don’t need to know trash games or bad DEV. The temporary players only keep luring newbies into liquidity, take all the money… then go find another new game and repeat an endless circle…

An object or event, when it reaches the extreme point in the limit, will reverse. I think the appearance of VirusSs is quite good. Because it is VirusSs that is crashing all the trash games, to stop these temporary players. Many new games come out but colla[se early, these temporary players can no longer benefit from them. Recently, the community has cursed ViruSs quite a lot, but think about it: If the DEV had a talent, would he/she ask ViruSs to shill? No, of course not.

So what do you feel bitter about? Is VirusSs making you unable to earn instant profit from new games like before?

Logically, it’s their money, so it’s their right to choose where they like to invest or to withdraw the money. But please choose long-lasting games, the DEV who has a bit of talent. But just shilling for dirty games, earning so much at first then withdrawing will only help the evil DEVs.

In conclusion, now if a new game launches, many people will feel worried, but thanks to ViruSs, we can ‘naturally’ purge a few new games of these temporary players.

So, my summary is: Before blaming the DEV for being evil, ViruSs for gathering “chickens”, it is necessary to review the player community with many that like to make an instant profit, which is what helps those people survive.

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