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The Super Listing Event – Don’t miss a world class event on Dec 28th 2021

If “Share Teaser – Earn PRL” and “SQuizz Game on Telegram” events are not enough for you, don’t miss The Super Listing Event held at 13:00 UTC on Dec. 28th, 2021! This will be a world class event which had never been organized on crypto industry befor

What makes Super Listing Event special?

Share NOW – Earn NOW: 20,000 PRL for 1,000 fastest shares and 1,000 $ for the luckest Parallese

How to join: Share this livestream on your Facebook & Twitter with Hashtag: #TheParallel #Super_Listing_Event #Metaverse #PRL and tag 5 friends in the comment.

SQuizz Game on Livestream: 15 questions – 200 winners – 20,000PRL Prize Pool

Watch the whole Super Listing Event and wait for the questions to pop-up and submit the answer at to gain the prize pool from the event!

Three reason that you can count on Super Listing Event

  • A world-class event with cutting edge 3D, AR & VR technology utilized to reveal the depth of The Parallel infinite metaverse
  • Reveals the exact listing time of the PRL on Pancake Swap & KyberSwap!
  • Super Airdrops with a total of 55,000 PRL from now until this the Event

Stay tune and don’t miss the moment:


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