The Poseidon – Meet the work of art in Defihorse

The color of POSEIDON will never faint. Let’s find out about the work of art in Defihorse’s metaverse with the article below

Introducing the Poseidon – A master pieces in Defihorse universe

After the planet was established, the Titans decider to stay on Earth and reproduce with another. That’ s the reason why Poseidon was being created. Each of the Poseidon in Defihorse universe has their own unique appearance and characteristics. Each Poseidon horses has a stunning color which players had never been experiences before. lue from the sea as the waves seep into their skin and muscles. The pink fins always make the deep sea swell every time Poseidon moves.

Especially, some of the Poseidon have the ability of thundering powers while other can control the oceans. The collectors are drawn to the Poseidon because of the variety of hues available, as well as the many qualities of the breed.

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What makes Defihorse different from other horses racing NFT game?

Defihorse is different from other horses racing NFT game because player and breed, trade, race horses and even starting their own empire:

  • Spawning: When you win a race and own top racehorses, you could have tens to hundred of thousands dollars in your wallet.
  • Trade: Each horse in Defihorse is an NFT, so that player could buy or sell whenever they want to
  • Horse racing: User can compete with others in an individual horses racing. Especially, players can choose between free and paid races in order to have more excitement

Defihorse is an exciting game. With stunning graphics design and tons of features. The matchmakers will be completely mesmerized by the DeFiHorse experience.

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