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The Parallel Testnet Paragon Crafting Game & Designer Spotlight Event on Jan 11th, 2022

Testnet Paragon Crafting Game and Designer Spotlight is here in The Parallel on Jan 11th, 2022. Check out more information in this

The Parallel is excited to report that 3000 of you have registered for the testnet of The Paragon Crafting game! Originally the limit was set at 1000 Parallese but because they LOVE your enthusiasm, they’ve gotten the green light to allow ALL qualifying registrants into the testnet!

Mini-game in Testnet Paragon Crafting Game

A surprising gift for all Parallese who join the Testnet – 210 USDT for the 21 Parallese with the best Para-Arts.

Testnet opens: 05:00 UTC January 11th, 2022 – 05:00 UTC January 17th, 2022

Every day they will choose the 3 best Para-Art and the creators will receive 10 BUSD

There are a few hours left to register in this amazing Testnet Event with us, please fill in this form to join with them right now! Don’t miss your chance!

About The Parallel

The Parallel is a virtual world universe with a real-life simulation game system in which users can fully produce materials and engage in monetization, entertainment, and networking activities. Players are the designers of their own world, and they can work with others to develop an endless universe of The Parallel.

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