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The Parallel – Review of NFT game combined with metaverse testnet version which coming soon

The Parallel had just released the testnet version of the game. This promise will be an infinitive metaverse which could help players to “unleash creativity, enjoy to earn”.

About the Parallel gameplay

Although it’s just a testnet version in order to make players know deeply about the metaverse which The Parallel is willing to created. The Parallel’s basic activities include:

  • Each person participating in The Parallel will be provided with a free character. Therefore, when participating in the virtual universe of PRL, players will be provided with a free character. However, this is not NFT Paragon
  • In order to gain  Runes in The Parallel include: Legendary, epic, rare, common, uncommon; Players can stake PRL or buy equipment available in the game to create certain chains of activities such as: mining, logging, gathering, crafting
  • After obtaining Runnes, players can bring them to PRL marketplaces or craft certain Paragons. If you don’t like it, you can uncraft to get your runes back. However, the amount of runnes will have a certain loss if you uncraft them.
  • When the player has the NFT paragon, the player can buy; sell; rent at the marketplace to stake out your own PRL token.

Reviewing testnet version of The Parallel

What makes The Parallel testnet so special

Hydra system – Copyright protection system for players

Besides “Unleash creativity, enjoy to earn”, the hydra system uses AI scanning recognition technology to ensure that each generated NFT is unique. No other versions are allowed to be more than 85% identical. This means that players can own items with their own personality, can generate income from leasing NFT’s own copyright without fear of plagiarism.

Players can unleash creativity

Unleash creativity, enjoy to earn income is the core value that The parallel wants to bring to players. The players will be able to be themselves in the game. With what players imagine, they can create their own world, combining with the worlds of others to create an unlimited universe of The Parallel.

The game development team also pays great attention to building a platform where players can create, collect, trade and earn cryptocurrency without going through any central control.

Although there are still some features being further developed by the DEV team. However, The Parallel is still worthy of being an NFT game worth playing, worth the investment if you want to experience the feeling of sitting and playing can also earn your own income.

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