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THE PARALLEL officially have been listed on Coinmarketcap

From this point on, players can follow the trends of Token The Parallel PRL on Coinmarketcap

The Parallel system, the Metaverse game project made in Vietnam is now officially listed on Coinmarketcap. Players can monitor the entire data system of Token PRL and information related to The parallel project right on the Coinmarket Cap system from now on.

About The parallel

The Parallel  is a virtual metaverse with a real world simulation game system. When playing The Parallel, players have full freedom to create materials in the metaverse world and participate in money-making, entertainment and networking activities.

About CoinMarketCap

CoinmarketCap is a platform most consulted by investors about cryptocurrencies in the developing world. The mission of this platform is to help provide high-quality, accurate information to help investors make the best conclusions throughout their investment process.

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