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The parallel and ambition of become an unicorn metaverse

Louis Nguyen: I am really confident about the equal competitive oppotunity based on my team ability. They have the creative potential as well as highly mastering technology

Louis Nguyen, Founder of The Parallel, An entertainment startup, social network which based on metaverse universe considered: Although choosing blockchain as core tech and pursuiing a brand new direction which is metaverse. The hot growth had never been the principle development of our business. Metaverse will be the long term vision for us to reach within 10 – 20 years later. When I am presenting the project to our co-founder and the team members, every body saw the potential and being convinced about the vision.

Louis Nguyen also said that: During the process of building this project, i always try to come up with new standard, reduces stereo typed of thinking. They had been trailed and made variety of mistake until the company got the product now. With ethe blockchain technology and metaverse, every things are ready to access, both in term of skills and mentality .

After 5 years working, Louis Nguyen highly confident that, all the staff who had stayed and get along with company till present is a coworker. They will not give up whether is hard. The crew are important factor to build a great foundation for this metaverse project development. “I am confident with the equal competitive based on our personel. They having highly creative skills as well as master the technology”. But we still need times to prove ourselft and I cannot rush when I am a business owner .

The development team wish to place The Parallel into a platform where every body could have an oppotunity to be creative and experiences. With the long term vision like that, The Parallel need to have a core rules for their activities.

The Parallel mission is to focus on letting users feel the satisfy when experiences their game with their own purpose. At The Parallel, players will be enjoy to earn, not play to earn as usual. With this new model, The Parallel will create balance between enjoy and earn for every players. Therefore, helping the platform develop in a susbstainable and constanly grow.

The Parallel open up an unlimited chances for every body to build, develop and make profit. That could be: personal, a small community, a gaming studio or even entertainment company.

In The Parallel, the team want to make creativiti as the core value. It create activities for users in order to be creative. Because the creativity will drive to the unlimited growth for this platform. At the same time, The Parallel provide and supports the system to protect that creativity, to continue devlop Paragon Crafting, Hydra System or Partnership.

With the professional personel and backer, The Parallel can confirm about the quality of its product. From the beginning, The parallel had recieved huge support from Kyber Ventures as an investor who lead this project through seed funding round. This is a confirmation for the strongly development of the parallel and also Metaverse in Viet Nam.

As a potential project, which hold a great changes in the future, but The Parallel are also a challenges for our Viet Nam teams in both technical and foundational thinking. On the other hands, the first Vietnamese people who will to pursing a metaverse are also a bright spot, affirming the potential as well as the intrinsic capacity of The Parallel.

The Parallel is a metaverse vision project, which user could have unlimited creativity, connection and experiences.

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