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Defihorse project of Vietnamese successfully called $5 million of funding

DeFiHorse successfully raised $5 million from many foreign funds to develop an attractive NFT horse-racing project in terms of both graphics and gameplay based on blockchain technology.

On the afternoon of December 7, DeFiHorse announced the completion of a private funding round with the amount of 5 million USD. The funding round ended successfully in less than a week with the participation of many large blockchain funds, including prominent names such as Exnetwork Capital, Poolz Ventures, Bullperks, Avocado Game Guild, and Cryptodifer. Previously, DeFiHorse was supported by Coincu Ventures Fund – one of the famous investment funds for blockchain projects in Vietnam.

The current trendy NFT horse trend

NFT is creating opportunities for all types of visual art hobbyists, game designers and musicians, and more, opening up new revenue streams. What’s interesting is the variety of assets they can represent – ​​virtual collectibles, game items, digital artwork, event tickets, real estate, identification, certificates take….

According to WAX co-founder William E. Quigley, “NFTs will stand side by side with movies, music, and video games as a distinct entertainment format. Every consumer product that cannot be eaten will become an NFT.”

“NFTs with their easy transfer and proof of ownership have definitely unlocked a wide host of possibilities for real-world and virtual assets. NFTs are fueling this as they have the capacity to capture the hearts and minds of individuals and onboard them into the blockchain space in a way that fungible currencies haven’t been able to,” he added.

Last month, businesswoman Paris Hilton talked to a CNBC reporter about her journey in navigating some of the industry’s NFTs and her latest investment drive in crypto.

At the same time, musician Grimes sold his artwork for $6 million while Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan, rappers Ja Rule and Mark Cuban also made money from their NFTs.

What about Lindsay Lohan? Immediately after getting engaged, actress Lindsay Lohan suddenly bought an NFT horse worth $80,000 on the world’s largest exchange Binance.

This NFT horse is a unique item in the metaverse, with a high rarity, so it has been sold for ten times more expensive than a real horse.
In Australia, Zed Run, a digital horse-racing game built on blockchain technology. Zed Run is built by Australia-based Virtual Human Studio, the creators call it NFT. The platform launched in early 2019 with horses selling for as little as $30. Now, this NFT horse has been sold on the secondary market for up to $150,000. With full stables, the horses cost upwards of $225,000.

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Back to DeFiHorse

With an amount of $5 million, DeFiHorse is one of the NFT horse projects in Vietnam that has received the largest investment today from a private round. The project representative said that the above capital will be used to develop DeFiHorse with a long-term vision to become a tech unicorn and bring blockchain technology closer to everyone.
“We want to bring to the world a high-end NFT game where everyone can own at least one NFT horse with excellent graphics quality and a feeling like owning a real horse. Through it, users can play, build a life in the metaverse and earn NFTs of economic value,” said Mai Truong Giang, CEO of DeFiHorse.

Before successfully raising capital, DeFiHorse used to cause a hot topic in the community when being run and mentored by many famous names in the field of startups and blockchain in Vietnam.

Before starting a blockchain game, CEO Mai Truong Giang had many impressive achievements. He was honored at Forbes 30 under 30 Vietnam and has more than 15 years of experience in operating and investing in projects. In addition, according to information on DeFiHorse’s website, this NFT game is mentored by Steven Nguyen – founder of Metub and Coincu, Hung Dinh – founder of RADA and Duong Vi Khoa – Vice President of Vietnam E-Sports Association.

Unlike normal online games, DeFiHorse builds a metaverse in which users can own horses and earn income from competing, buying, selling or breeding horses.

The four horse breeds in DeFiHorse are inspired by the gods in Greek mythology: Chaos, Titan, Poseidon and Heroic.

The project is inspired by the world in 2099, where the horses carry the most advanced technologies: Quantum technology, Gene technology, artificial intelligence, space travel technology. Four horse breeds in DeFiHorse are inspired by the gods in Greek mythology: The Chaos – the rarest horse breed in the game born from the big bang, The Titan – a billowing body created from hot coals and fire; The Poseidon – god of the sea with the unlimited power of the ocean; and The Heroic – the symbolic god of earth and nature.

 One of the most impressive points on DeFiHorse is the shape of the steeds. The NFT horse in the game is presented in vivid 3D, both mythical and realistic. The prototype of the horses in the game is modeled on the Arabian horse, the fastest and most beautiful horse in the world.

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According to Mr. Giang, all unique creations in the world of DeFiHorse are made by young Vietnamese people. Players can be creative based on the horse customization that the game offers. With the nature of NFT, each steed in the game is a separate character, and players can own or transfer them for profit, just like in real life.

 DeFiHorse’s gameplay focuses on races, where players control their horses to compete for prizes. In order to increase the attractiveness of the racing experience, DeFiHorse also builds a “tap to earn” mechanism – allowing players to interact realistically to help their steed improve its speed compared to other competitors. The race’s result helps players earn prizes, increase the value of horses, and thereby earn economic value.

According to the roadmap in 2022, DeFiHorse will release the first game on the web, then on iOS and Android operating systems, integrate AR technology, and organize global competitions, with a prize of $1 million.


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