The Chaos horse – the rarest bloodline in the DeFiHorse

The Chaos horse, legendary steeds satisfy all riders on Defihorse metaverse. Let’s find out about the rarest bloodline in Defihorse in this article!

Introducing the Chaos horse – the rarest bloodline in the Defihorse

The Chaos horse, being known as the ancestor of every horses in Defihorse metaverse. It was borin from the big bang explosion. With a body made of constelaation, the shiny hair color just like the Nothern light.   Chaos are the horses’ rarest bloodlines, and their every move has the power to create an entire galaxy. Every step of Chaos creates a new galaxy

Because of being the rarest horse bloodline in Defihorse universe. The rate of raising Chaos bloodline is counted in part of millions. The chaos children are also inherit many advantages from their Father and mother. They also having high values for races if they want to trade horses in Defihorses market.

The Chaos horses

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How to become champions in Defihorse races

In order to be the champions in Defihorse, players must be familiar with three conditions:

  • Adapatable to every racing condition: Each horse in the game is familiar to a certain enviroment. Players need to pay attention to the characterisitics of their horses.
  • Race performance: Players must have a good understanding of other people horses and their race results
  • Touch-to-ear functionality makes a major difference: in addition to equipping items and stallions, players in the activity can interact directly with horses to increase their speed and increase their chances of winning.

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In conclude, Defihorse is an exciting game. With stunning graphics design and tons of features. The matchmakers will be completely mesmerized by the DeFiHorse experience.

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