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The biggest casualty, lost $ 50 million in the Badger DAO hack

On-chain data reveals the hardest hit victims of the front-end attack on the Badger DAO – a Bitcoin-focused decentralized finance project built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, a wallet of the Celsius Network – a cryptocurrency lending company.

Celsius Network is a victim of the Badger DAO hack

It looks like the Celsius Network has been hit hardest by this week’s BadgerDAO hack.

Hackers attacked the DAO’s user interface. Badger’s DAO team is currently investigating the attack with the help of blockchain experts from Chainalysis.

Some users have complained that they keep receiving unusual requests for additional permissions on their accounts. The attacker added a script to the user interface to trick users into allowing them access to easily withdraw funds from their wallets.

Bridger DAO engineers have suspended all smart contracts to prevent further withdrawals while analysts from Chainalysis are investigating the incident. Initially, the amount stolen was estimated at around $ 100 million, but new data from blockchain security firm PeckShield suggests the total damage was more than $ 120 million.

This hack comes shortly after MonoX, a DeFi financial protocol, hacked over 30 million on November 30th.

As Bitcoin magazine reported one user lost 896 wBTC (approximately $ 50 million) becoming the biggest casualty. Data from Etherscan shows that addresses starting with 0x534 can be linked to the Celsius network. As it was being traded with other wallets from the loan company, one of which was labeled “Celsius Network Wallet 5”.

On a Twitter thread, a user named BigTimeCali shared some of the transactions made by this wallet. He added that Celsius deleted all comments on the hack on their Reddit page.

“Celsius lost $ 50,000,000 and why are banking firms easy prey for crypto connoisseurs? Quick summary: Celsius is trading with BadgerDAO, the company just hacked $ 120 million and lost most of its money.

The address owner appears to be a big whale, typically making seven-digit transactions, working closely with a wallet of over $ 67 million, of which $ 40 million is held in CEL tokens. This is not the final conclusion. However, there is evidence that Celsius Network was behind this wallet, although the company did not want to comment on the hack.

Sources: coincu

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