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TA Ventures officially invest for blockchain project DefiHorse

After many rumors from Blockchain industry, TA venture representative had officially annouced about the co-operation with DefiHorse. Defihorse will be the huge attratctive in the future

This co-op had brought so many advantages for Defihorse in order to become viral to community who love horse racing. It also a way to interact, taking care of player favorite horse on Metaverse. Defihorse will be the huge attratctive in the future.

Defihorse had sucessfully raise 5 millions USD from multiple venture to develop the horse racing world, metaverse technology, the graphic design and game play, based on blockchain technology.

On Decemeber 7th, Defihorse announced that they had completed the private round funding with the amount of 5 millions USD. The funding succesfully finished within a week, which had the investment from variety of blockchain venture such as: xnetwork Capital, Poolz Ventures, Bullperks, Avocado Game Guild.

Before that, Defihorse had been breeded by Coincu Ventures – a famous ventures for Vietnamese blockchain project.

With the roadmap in 2022, Defihorse will published the game on website, after that will be ios, android with AR tech in advanced and also organize the tournament through out the globe with the prize pool of 1 millions USD.

TA Venture located at Singapore, the ventures had been operated by a group of business man who had experiences ò blockchain and start up for years.

TA Venture mostly focus on seed or private funding as an investor and incubator. They mainly focus on advertising, media, community to NFT, Metaverse which is rapidly growing on the world which had been leaded by Tesla, Facebook, Microsoft  and Intel

After being established, TA venture had succesfully raise to 1 millions USD for the first round. TA Venture representative also confirm that, the investment council had evaluated and invested on some potential project which include: Defihorse, Glitter finance, space cryto, Mad Monkey Guid, Skill verse, LDPi…

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