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Super Listing Event from The Parallel – Experiences world class 3D

The Super Listing Event from the Parallel is not only an important moment of this Metaverse gaming but also bring to the player a world class 3D experiences. This is the first time appear on Crypto industry!

Reason why Super Listing is being welcome

There are some reason which makes Super Listing event from The Parallel is being welcome by the community:

  • Official realeased the IDO time of PRL on  Pancake Swap & Kyberdmm!
  • A world class event with 3D, AR and VR high tech which had been used to promoted a vision of a infinity market of The Parallel
  • Super Airdrop with total amount of 55.000 PRL righ on the event

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The present while attending event

While attending Super Listing Event from The Parallel, play will receive highly value present which include:

  • 10.000 PRL for 500 fastest and luckiest players
  • 500$ will be given to 1 luckiest players
  • From now to the event time, The Parallel will choose 50 winners per days to give 20 PRL for each people. So that, if player share so many, the oppotunity of winning will becom bigger

Especially, this event will officially realeased the exact moment of PRL IDO time! So stay tune!

How to attend to the event

In order to welcome Super Listing event from The Parallel. let’s join in “SHARE TEASER – RECEIVE PRL” with 2 simple step:

Like and share the teaser video on Facebook or Twitter, tag 5 friends with the hashtag #TheParallel #Super_Listing_Event #Metaverse #PRL

Sent the link share and your BEP-20 wallet address to the form:

Join with us and gain the huge victory:

  • Time : 13:00 UTC one December 28th, 2021
  • The event will be livestream in 30 channel include: The Parallel official channels, partner and community channels
  • Present: 55,000 PRL

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Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only, not investment advice. Investor should research carefully before making decision. We are not responsible for your investment decision

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