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Super Listing Event- A World Class 3D Experiences Event That Is Never Happened In Crypto Industry

Super listing event is not only a huge milestone of The Parallel but also a world-class experience that never happened in the Crypto industry.

We are excited to show you the technology that would be used in our Super Listing Event on 28th, December, that determines The Parallel with any other project in this Crypto industry.

What makes The Parallel super listing event special ?

The different things about The Parallel Super Listing Event which include:

  • Reveal the exact listing time of the PRL on Pancake Swap & KyberSwap!
  • A world-class event with cutting edge 3D, AR & VR technology utilized to reveal the vision of The Parallel infinite metaverse
  • Super Airdrops with a total of 55,000 PRL from now until this the Event .

Don’t miss the event that is never happened in the crypto industry:

  • With The Parallel – We do not post an announcement as usual, we have a Super Listing Event
  • A whitelist publishing event as a world-class 3D experience to announce to you the important milestone of The Parallel – The moment of Listing the PRL on Pancake Swap & KyberSwarp

Join us, stay tuned and don’t miss a moment!

  • Time: 13:00 UTC  – 08.00 PM on Dec. 28th, 2021
  • On:
  • Reward: 55,000 PRL

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