Review The Parallel – Ambitious Upcoming Metaverse Gaming Project

If you’ve been a fan of the legendary Minecraft game series. Certainly, The Parallel, the upcoming project next year, will be a good choice.

What is The Parallel?

The Parallel is a Metaverse game project entirely produced by the Vietnamese. This is a place where players can freely create anything. The Parallel will be a place where players can meet each other, get surprise experiences and real earnings during the player experience.

When participating in The Parallel, players will have the chance to develop their own unique Metaverse with a dynamic, mixed economic system.

The Parallel’s highlights compared to other games of the same genre

Unlike the now NFT game series, which mainly follows the Play to Earn trend – enjoy to make money. The Parallel development team only focuses on the player experience. And if you want to earn money with this game, the Enjoy to Earn is the distinguishing feature that the publisher wants to bring to the player community. This means that players will be able to fully focus on exploring the worlds they create, as well as building unique things.

Obviously, the core value of The Parallel is creativity. And this is also the tool that will help you make money in The Parallel. In this game, you will use “The Paragon Crafting Game” to create your own Paragons that no one can copy. Therefore, each Paragon will be created with only one version.

Especially when building your own empire in the game. You can win super rare Paragons to make your empire unique. Upon a closer look, The Parallel is currently built by a good development team in the blockchain field in Vietnam. The team includes advisors from large mutual funds such as Kyber Venture, Coincu, Rada, UB Holding, etc.

Reviews from players

After experiencing The Parallel, the player community also have certain reviews on Vietnamese Metaverse game:

I think they have the same direction as the Sandbox and Decentraland. I hope that this game will be as successful as Axie Infinity and Elemon, and bring Vietnam to new levels in the Metaverse.

The game has raised a great amount of capital, I don’t know if it’s as expected.

The Dev team has invested so much in this game, they must be ambitious.

Such a cool game, I’m also watching this one waiting for the IDO release.

The Parallel can be described in 3 words: potential, different, worthy investment. This is a worthwhile version from Minecraft and Sandbox for you to experience. 


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