Review of the AdLunam project

Project introduction

AdLunam is a launchpad platform that provides projects with early-stage fundraising opportunities, gaining community attention from the industry’s first round of NFT-integrated IDO, launching exclusively on Polygon for Web 3.0.

Investors will be evaluated through a ranking and qualified investors will have the opportunity to invest in projects from the seed rounds.

Very strong and big-name competitors include:

  • Polkastater: 608.98x (+60,797.8%)
  • BSCPad: 329x (+32,799.7%)
  • Daomaker 87.3x (+8,630.3%)

Detailed review

Features of ADLUNAM

Divided into 4 Tiers: Investors belonging to Tier 1 and Tier 2 will be among 20% of the participants allocated tokens. The remaining 80% of the token allocation will go to Tier 3 and Tier 4 investors.

The allocation will be based on the amount of LUNAM staking and the general Adlunam bulletin board allocation for each specific project.

Earth Moon Jupiter IO Saturn Tatin Neptune Tritan
500+LUNAM points 5000+LUNAM points 120.000 $LUNAM staked 200.000 $LUNAM staked
  • Active on forum
  • Interaction on Adlunam’s social platforms
  • Active on forum
  • Interaction on Adlunam’s social platforms
  • Requires 120,000 $LUNAM minimum staking
  • Guaranteed minimum LP-MATIC and LUNAM staking deadlines
  • No requirement to be a member on the ADlunam forum
  • No requirement to interact on social platforms
  • Requires $200,000 LUNAM minimum staking
  • Requires to meet the conditions of Tier 3
  • Exclusive participation in seed sales and private sales

Token optimization

$Lunam holders can join IDO on Adlunam platform

Owners can also purchase additional services on the Adlunam ecosystem such as

  • Space camp: a tokenomic consulting service for traditional companies that want to expand their business into the crypto industry.
  • Seed pad: research and appraisal, connect early-stage projects with seed investors
  • Space station: create a common forum, a space to chat about cryptocurrencies, badges, and rankings of investors when participating in the Adlunam ecosystem.
  • Launchpad: airdrop, allocation of ranking profiles of investors based on investment model.
  • Metaverse: future expansion of investors and token distribution events in the Metaverse.

Create liquidity with the $LUNAM – MATIC trading pair

Business model

10% fee for all tokens sales

  • 2.5% will be burned
  • The remaining 7.5% will be awarded to investors who participated in staking with ETH

Early unstake fee

  • 25% fee will be burned
  • If investors don’t want to pay the fee, they need to wait 21 days to unstake

Review of the Team

The team are all foreigners and have enough information on Linkedin. They are all people with long experience and very detailed profiles in different fields.

Co-founder – Nadja Bester: Experienced in marketing and blockchain consulting for 4 years, worked as a lecturer at FPT University in Hanoi. Formerly a member of Lifeboat Foundation – a non-profit governmental organization dedicated to promoting scientific and technological advances, helping humanity to overcome existential risks and potential misuse of technology.

CTO – Lawrence Huson: Over 30 years of experience in the technology business. CTO at PAD Network – building a team of startups and developing DApps; CTO at Minterest – a cross-chain lending platform on Polkadot but now no longer see the project in action. CTO at Aegis Studio, specializing in developing diverse blockchain projects, D-app, NFT, smart contract. Baas solution design and development – blockchain as a service. Newly appointed as CTO at Adlunam in November 2021. Lawrence is a person with a wealth of experience in technology.

Co-Founder: Jason Fernandes: CTO NFT technologies, involved in building the project from May 2021. Experienced as a mentor for Founder Institute UAE to help promising entrepreneurs set up a company quickly.

Co-founder Nadja Bester used to work as a lecturer at FPT University in Hanoi while she had attended university in South Africa. She has experience working for NGOs in Nevada, USA. Used to work as Head Marketing for Social Impact Network in Germany. Her major was Marketing and Consulting but her reason for working at FPT Vietnam is still a mystery.

Projects that the team has collaborated on

Investors and Partners


The project is currently in the process of raising capital from Seed and Private rounds, with no specific product yet.

It is expected that the first quarter of next year will be Audit and IDO.

In the second quarter of 2022, there will be cross-chain integration.


Looking at the backers investing in the AdLunam project, we see that these are all very famous funds such as OIG, Dutch Crypto, Gains Asscociates… in addition, there are many funds around the world investing in the project. Coincu Ventures also invested in the project seeing its long-term potential.


Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 $Lunam

Network: ERC20

Initial cap: $358,000


Investors when investing in this project can return capital quickly because they are not under pressure from Cliff Token from the project. However, it means that the project can go down in price if it cannot control the number of tokens and projects launched by Launchpad on this platform.
Need more information about the distribution of Team, and Community.

Review of Team X1K

  • Backer: Many big names in the world have invested in the project such as OIG, Dutch Crypto, Gains Association…
  • Tokens are issued on the ERC-20 network. Regarding the cost, trading on this network is quite expensive, quite a few investors can trade on here. Therefore, the initial transaction volume will be mainly investors from Private Sales or Seed Round and IDO if the project is not well marketed, and the potential for quality IDO projects to be launched in the near future.
  • Vesting Tokenomics: There is no exact information about the amount of vesting tokens of the project.
  • Roadmap: AdLunam has now closed its Private sale at the time of writing and is preparing IDO on January 12, 2022, on Polygon and Audit network. In Q2, there will be a multi-chain to connect to other network platforms for the convenience of users.

Summary: The project of bringing a launchpad platform that supports IDO for web 3.0 platforms will be the trend in the coming time of the Crypto market. And this is a rare launchpad project of the Polygon system, one of the current very potential platforms.

With a team of many years of experience in the industry, not to mention CEO Lawrence Hutson used to be the CTO for the PAID Network project – a very successful IDO platform. Even after being hacked, it is back even more popular than before, showing that AdLunam will be a quality improvement and we can fully expect AdLunam to become a potential IDO platform in the future.

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