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Real Realm game called more than 42 million USD within only 9 hours

Real Realm game had just called for more than 40 million USD for their project. Although their target is more than 200.000 USD

According to, Real Realm game had called more than 42 million USD funding for their project. Although their target is 200.000 USD but they have break that goal within only 9 hours. Their ‘s still 14 hours left for their crownfunding but it’s still counting!

The crownd funding now is more than 42 million and still counting!

What is Real Realm?

Real Real is a war strategy game based on Blockchain Technology. Player will have a great oppotunity to collect, raise up and built the kingdom for their NFT heros. Real Realm is a native Blockchain based game that adopts Free Play and Play to Enjoy mechanics using unique algorithms. 

There are many different types of heros on Real Realm. The players can choose everythings which is the best for their expectation. The game changers are not just limited to heroes. This game provide various form of battle modes to suit all kinds of players whether they are looking for free games, play to feel or hardcore games. The battel on Real Realm are non stop and requires the bravest Mies. The diverse combat system in Real Realm universe includes: PvE, PvP, Scholar and Co-op modes.

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