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Mr Kian Ho – The Inspirational man of Defihorse

Mr Kian Ho – The band & Creative Director of Defihorse. Let’s welcome the inspirational man of Defihorse

About Mr Kian Ho

Mr. Kian Ho is the Strategic Director, CEO and Co-Founder of April Advertising. During his 7 years at April, he has greatly contributed to providing effective and creative communication solutions for major brands such as Diageo, Vinamilk, Trung Nguyen, Traveloka, etc.

Mr. Kian Ho has 13 years in the field of creativity and strategy, he used to work for many big global companies such as Lowe, Saatchi & Saatchi, JWT, etc, and Mr. Kian Ho was one of the youngest Creative Directors to work for these agencies at the time.

Mr Kian Ho with DefiHorse

With Kian Ho, “we don’t follow the trend, we set the trend”. With DeFiHorse, Mr.Kian aspires to bring a multidimensional metaverse that does not run after prevailing trends but creates a new one instead. Astonishing ideas from Mr. Kian Ho are about to rock DeFiHorse!

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