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More than a half of Bitcoin investor had just appeared in the last 12 months

Interest and demand for Bitcoin has surged this year, despite the coin’s sharp fluctuations.

According to Grayscale investment LLZ, more than a halft of Bitcoin’s investor had just appear in the last 12 months. In a small survey of 1000 people, a quater of them said that they had hold Bitcoin for a while and 55 percent of the survey told that they had just began their investment in this years.

The result of this survey had clarify the explosive growth of cryptocurrency market this year, The investor have invested their money into an easy volatile assets in the increasingly popular concept, such as NFT.

From the beginning of this years, Bitcoin had just scale up into 70 percent despite the last weekend sale of. Otherwise, a different coin such as Ether had growth 5 times than before. The survey informed that: Investor nowadays cannot ignore Bitcoin while the price of this currency still increase.

Mostly 80 percent of the survey in the USA said that, they will spent their money on this kind of assets if there is an ETF Bitcoin which has not yet to be approved by the regulator. People who had been interviewed from the age ò 25 to 64 and still have the ability to manage their family financial. Every body still having some personal investment. They spent at least 10.000 USD of theỉ household investable assets and at least $50,000 in household income.

Grayscale build this survey in mid-August. The company had filed an application with the administrator to convert the Grayscal Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) into a physical ETF. Hower, the authorities in the USA only allowed companies to launch a Bitcoin futures exchange-traded funds.

Due to Grayscale survery, the interest of investor had changed. In 2020, more than 70 percent of the interviewee said that they like to buy Bitcoin through cryptocurrency exchange. On the other hands, 60% of investors said that they like to trade through an apps such as eToro or coin base. Just over a third said they want to trade on exchanges.

The digital asset management company also informed that: Investor are increasingly considered Bitcoin as a store of value, and many of them choose to hold Bitcoin for long term.

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