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Mongoose Coin (MONG) achieved an 80,000% ROI after being mentioned in yesterday’s hearing

Mongoose Coin (MONG) was born and achieved an 80,000% ROI after being mentioned in yesterday’s hearing. The crypto sector continues to surprise. After yesterday’s hearings of CEOs and executives in the crypto room before Congress, two coins mentioned by Congressman Brad Sherman are now becoming the talk of the town because of their “huge” profits.

Cryptocurrency CEOs like Jeremy Allaire, Sam Bankman-Fried, Brian Brooks and others made speeches to Congress.

The hearing was titled “Digital Assets and the Future of Finance: Understanding Innovation in America”. Many topics have been discussed and many regulators appear to be well prepared, which raises the right questions about the future of crypto law and how the law and industry work together.

However, Congressman Brad Sherman has suggested comment Irony about the interchangeability of cryptocurrencies and the emergence of numerous coin memes, all of which promise the next big thing.

“The biggest threat to cryptocurrencies is cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin can be replaced with ETH, ETH can be replaced with DOGE, DOGE can be replaced with Hamster Coin and then Cobra Coin. What can Mongoose Coin do with Crypto Coin? “

Representative Brad Sherman

Within minutes of mentioning Hamster Coin, the price of this cryptocurrency began to rise and less than 24 hours later it rose by almost 70%.

With this, the developers quickly created Mongoose Coin some time after it was mentioned.

According to data from Dextools, this cryptocurrency is called MONG and is currently up more than 80,000%.

The source: Dextools

Not only that, MONG also received serious attention. The Telegram group had nearly 2,000 subscribers in less than a day, while the Youtube Channel grew in prominence.

At the time of writing, MONG’s total liquidity exceeds $ 2 million and its daily volume is around $ 11 million with a market capitalization of $ 14 million.

However, it’s important to be extra vigilant and watch out for the possibility of carpet being drawn, as hype coin memes like these are risky.

Sources: Coincu

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