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MetaGear 1st Airdrop With Value Up To $66,000. Grab your chance!

MetaGear is a high-tactical fighting game with a dash of luck, so players had to be tactical in order to construct the most effective battle machine. The outcome of the combat is determined not only by the index or the rarity of the machine but also by the designs and unique aspects of each machine. That is, if your machine has a more unique design and is more effective, you can defeat opponents with a higher index.

MetaGear’s fighting mode is based purely on physical impact science, just like in real life, which is why a disparity in the machine’s index does not determine the game outcome. As previously stated, if players do not design their machines logically, the machine may be rendered ineffective when faced with opponents who are lower in the index.

This assists MetaGear in creating a balance between players with a little discrepancy in the index. Furthermore, thanks to the intelligent player organization system, you will constantly find opponents with comparable ranks and the ability to gain more significant awards in combat types.

MetaGear is having the first-ever Airdrop with the value up to 66,000 USD

Detailed Information about The Airdrop

The luckiest participants can receive $66,000, which is equivalent to 550,000 $GEAR from them. The stake has never been higher, but you’ll have to be quick, Gearheads.

  • Total Airdrop amount: 66,000 USD worth of $GEAR (550,000 $GEAR)
  • Airdrop open: Dec 15, 2021
  • Airdrop end: Dec 23, 2021

Number of winners:

  • 50 tokens each to 10,900 random winners
  • 100 tokens each to 50 top referrers

How to join the Airdrop?

All you have to do is finish our little tasks list HERE:

In 6 days after the event is over, MetaGear team will select 10,950 users from all users who have completed the tasks for reward distribution. The winners’ list will be announced on December 30th, 2021, and MetaGear team will distribute $GEAR to the wallet winners 4 times after IDO.


  • Any cheating or unreal behaviors will be eliminated immediately
  • Airdrop results will be updated on MetaGear social channels

Find more information about the project

Sources: Coincu

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