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Large Bitcoin wallets are back in action after 8 years

Large Bitcoin wallets are back in action after 8 years

Cryptocurrency wallet with up to 15. Bitcoin value Million dollars has been inactive since 2013.

According to CoinTelegraph, a wallet at 321 BTC moved around 197 on December 21 BTC Walk. This is the wallet’s first activity since 2013, shortly after Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto mysteriously disappeared.

Amount 321 BTC in the wallet has value $ 6,594 in 2013. To date, the value of Bitcoin has reached fifteen Million dollars, an increase of almost 2,300 times.

As every time an old wallet is reactivated, the Bitcoin community is very curious about the owner of the wallet and why it is active again. Some believe that it could be a whale (an individual or group that owns large amounts of bitcoin) transferring bitcoins. It could also be someone who finds the wallet’s security code or a scammer recognizes the seed phrase.

Some users even predicted that Satoshi Nakamoto will be back.

In the past few months, a number of Bitcoin wallets that were frozen between 2011 and 2013 have been reactivated, each holding tens of thousands of bitcoins worth bitcoin. Million dollars. On September 19, the owner of an inactive Bitcoin wallet transferred all 616 BTC on different accounts.

Also another Bitcoin wallet with BTC worth 5 Million dollars was reactivated in January after being inactive since June 2010. Owned an account 900 in June 2021 BTC also activated again. On December 19, an address with 235 BTC (11th Million dollars) reopened after 9 years and has a different address 225 BTC also reopened on December 16 after almost 8.5 years.

Just spend a few hundred U.S. dollar Buying Bitcoin and “forgetting” it from the beginning of the 2020s, the owners of these wallets are now whales BTC, Possession of goods worth cryptocurrency Million dollars.

Sources: Coincu

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