How to secure your crypto wallet on Telegram 

Lately, a cybersecurity researcher nicknamed CIA Officer has warned Telegram users about a malicious code called “Smoke Night”.

According to the CIA Officer, Smoke Night malware is dangerous since it uses auto-downloading in Telegram settings to spread malicious code. Individuals should be cautious when dealing with this malware since it can acquire information about cryptocurrency wallets.

CIA Officer warns: “Telegram users should be aware that Smoke Night is dangerous, it can copy your login information and steal your cryptocurrency wallet,” 

He wrote:

“Smoke Night is dangerous since hackers just spread the malware by dropping a file to any group chat. Telegram will automatically download this malicious code to the victim’s computer, then access the history and take screenshots of the computer and send to a server of the hacker”

Hackers can access confidential information even if the victim does not open the file.

Notably, the CIA Officer said that hackers often drop this type of malware into cryptocurrency groups aiming to steal cryptocurrency.

CIA Officer advises Telegram users, especially crypto investors, to disable the auto-download feature to avoid loss.

To disable Telegram’s auto-download feature on your phone: go to Settings -> Data & Storage -> Automatic Media Download -> Disabled All.

On the computer: Settings -> Advance -> Automatic Media Download -> Private chats, groups, channels -> Files -> Disabled.

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