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How does DeFiHorse help you make money?

The DeFiHorse project – blockchain-based horse racing is booming. Users can earn tokens from this game.


Axie Infinity and the “Play-to-Earn” craze

Recently, Axie Infinity as well as many games from domestic and foreign companies have caused a global fever with the “Play-to-Earn” mechanism – play to earn money. Accordingly, Axie Infinity players have a stable income from playing the game every day.

Axie Infinity is a monster-battle game built on the blockchain platform, specifically the Ethereum blockchain. Players will have to battle with monsters or other players to collect rewards. The money after winning will be used to build your kingdom. Axie Infinity’s item system is converted into tokens that are AXS and SLP (can be converted into real money).

According to Gourmet Galaxy, there are many reasons why blockchain is changing the gaming industry, including creating real ownership of in-game assets, decentralized markets that create fairness and trust among players, the ability to payments thanks to smart contracts, the ability to create a gaming “universe” with unlimited features and reduce dependence on publishers.

In other words, blockchain will put power in the hands of the players themselves and make it possible for them to monetize it. Thereby creating a revolutionary change for the gaming industry. Axie Infinity is a typical example.

This game project was created by Vietnamese programmers, including Nguyen Thanh Trung – CEO of Sky Mavis studio (headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City), Aleksander Leonard Larsen and Jeffrey Zirlin.


DeFiHorse: Will there be a boom in the field of NFT horse racing games?

Just like Axie Infinity, the DeFiHorse project – a blockchain-based horse racing environment is also booming. Users can earn tokens from this game.

The DeFiHorse team has the goal of developing a world in which everyone can play, share, trade and breed their own horses without relying on centralized authority. DeFiHorse will reveal a complete way that players can enjoy secure copyright ownership while earning NFT.

NFTs can be purchased and traded both in-game and on any NFT marketplace. Accordingly, the owners have full control of their NFT horses as well as their DeFiHorse Token, stored in a private wallet.

All assets in this game are represented by money or cryptocurrency. All transactions are done using DeFiHorse Tokens, ensuring a stable token supply.

Players can earn money in many ways on this game such as selling NFT assets (horses, racing horses) or from transactions on the platform such as selling NFT horses, racing, breeding, stables…

Currently, the application of blockchain technology has created NFT games. This has changed the game industry, while players can make money from games. Statistics from Newzoo show that the number of global game players in 2021 has increased by 5.3% compared to 2020, to nearly 3 billion people. Gaming market revenue is estimated to reach 175.8 billion USD in 2021. It is predicted to grow to 218.7 billion USD in 2024.

Although the NFT game has exploded in recent times, it still has many limitations when most blockchain games focus on economic factors, simple gameplay, and not sharp graphics.

Mr. Edison Mai, CEO of DeFiHorse project shared: DFH game is emphasized on factors such as decentralized finance, beautiful graphics, simple but attractive gameplay; There are even historical and biological factors.

The game offers 4 different horse breeds including Chaos, Titan, Poseidon and Heroic; Each species has different characteristics, creating game advantages as well as new items. The names of the four horse breeds are based on Greek mythology.

Not out of the current Metaverse trend, DeFiHorse also applies AR and VR to make the game more attractive. According to Mr. Mai, players in DeFiHorse can realistically interact with the game, helping their steed to improve its speed compared to the opponent. In addition, users can buy land, buy stables or choose, organize their own horse races in the game. These special things promise to make DefiHorse hot in the field of NFT horse racing games.

Edison Mai added that he will catch up with the new trend, providing a game on multiple platforms, from PC to Mobile. In it, players just need to “touch” to be able to play and earn money in the form of Tap to Earn.

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