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#FtribeFighters is thrilled to announce our private sale launched on KOI Starter — the most famous launchpad striving to empower the leading projects and promising entrepreneurs with the ability to contribute to the blockchain community.

Register here:

Detailed Information

Total Raise: 1,111,111.00 $F2C

Rate: 1 $F2C = 0.018 $BUSD

Deposit: $BUSD


  • TGE 10%
  • Cliff 2 months
  • Vesting every 3 months in 18 months



  • From: 10:00 AM UTC 11 Dec 2021
  • To: 10:00 AM UTC 14 Dec 2021


  • From:11:00 AM UTC 14 Dec 2021
  • To:03:30 PM UTC 15 Dec 2021


  • From:03:00 PM UTC 20 Dec 2021


Step 1: Register by connecting your wallet to this site:

NOTE: Minimum tier required: Kiku

Step 2: Deposit your BUSD

Step 3: Claim your tokens

22 hours left to register to the whitelist, spend your chance and go to the moon with Ftribe Fighters right now!

About Ftribe Fighters

Ftribe Fighters is one of the first 3D MOBA games, where you can play solo, duos or a Squad of 4 and fight on various planets. Combat Skills, Teamwork and Survival Skills are essential in this world as everyone is trying to be the last one standing. Gamers will immerse themselves in many special roles and enjoy different game modes in order to build and protect their modern world.

To prepare for our upcoming IDO, we will organize AMAs with various big communities. Lots of events will also be held like airdrops, giveaways, mini-games, and so on. So stay tuned and look for more detailed information on our channels listed below:

Website | Twitter | Medium | Youtube | Instagram | Discord| Facebook | Reddit | Telegram channel | Global Community

Sources: ftribefighters

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