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Development on Real Realm (Rise Studio)! IDO Updates and Upcoming Listing

Real Realm (Rise Studio) has successfully completed its IDO on Kardiachain and BSC station. There was a huge demand once the sale has started and shortly after a while all the Real Tokens were sold.

Amazingly all-time high price was 72x higher than IDO price and the current price is around 30x higher than it. The community was satisfied with the results.

If you don’t know what Real Token is, here quick summary for you:

The Real Token is the governance token in Real Realm. Strong Holders of the Real tokens are able to shape and vote for the future direction of the game universe while earning from the Staking feature.

In addition to the governance function, the Real tokens are also used for trading in the Marketplace and recruiting high-class Mies.

Upcoming Developments

Now, after the IDO upcoming developments are coming quickly to the Real Realm. New listings, staking options, partnerships are going to create huge interest in the project.

The first NFT listing is coming on DareNFT

Real Realm NFTs will be listed on DareNFT in the first week of December.

Users who’ve successfully joined the “NFT whitelist” will have priority to purchase hero boxes on DareNFT and will have a chance to add a variety of amazing Real Realm NFT’s to their portfolio.

Ready to be listed on

This is one of the important updates from the project coming on the 1st Dec. $REAL tokens will be listed on, one of the most popular crypto exchanges.

Since will be the first CEX exchange that $REAL token will be listed. That will give users more options to buy and sell $REAL tokens easily.

Trading Time: 3AM Dec 2nd, 2021

The Game Continues to Develop Without Slowing Down

It has been just more than a month since Real Realm started to being developed. However, over the past weeks, there were countless partnership deals, publications, updates on the game side. So it seems that will cause big hype once the game is launched next month in December. Users are so excited about the upcoming updates.

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