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DefiHorses is now officially on Coinmarketcap

Player who is interested in DefiHorse can now trach new information of the project on Coinmarketcap

Recently, DefiHorse developer thrilled to announce that the game is now featured on Coinmarketcap! This is the most references price tracking platform for crypto assets to expand DefiHorse’s presence.

The mission of coinmarketcap is to make crypto discoverable and efficient in global by sharing hight quality, accurate information about the upcoming news and cryptocurrencies markets.

About DefiHorse

DefiHorse is a horse racing Metaverse game built on Blockchain and NFTs technology. This game provide a brand new experience in horse racing which bring to player the most challenging matches just like a real life horses racing.

While playing games, user can accumulate token rewards by battling for their horses and contribute to the game ecosystem. By using DFH, players can also compete, gather, grow and breed their horses. There’s also an additional aspect in DefiHorse called the Horseverse which had been proposed by Defihorses in this game economic system. This system will let users accquire land, buy a stables or arrange their own horse races. With this special feature, DefiHorses developer promises to be the next big things in NFT horse racing games.

About Coinmarketcap

Coinmarketcap is the world most references price tracking platfor for crypto currency assets aruong the globe. This platform include a variety of real time data market, trading volume and the exchanges list for each token.  CoinMarketCap is typically the first stop for investors looking for information on their favorite tokens, making the site an important hub for new token listings.

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