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Defihorse officially introducing new investor: Poolz Ventures

Recently, Defihorse had just introduce to their player a new investor for the project – Poolz Ventures

According to Defihorse facebook fanpage, the project had just introduced the new investor which is Poolz Ventures to build a stable forces for the game. Poolz Ventures had been contributed for so many successfull and famous project for example: DOT.Finance, Defiwarrior, wanakafarm. Not only thay, Poolz Ventures are also a partner of big blockchain networks: Polygon, labs, Avalanche and many more of them. The team believe that, with the support from Poolz Ventures, Defihorse’s developer will build this NFT game stronger than ever!

What makes Defihorse different ?

Firstly, the game attracted players and investor thanks to the graphich elements. By using Cyberpunk style, Defihorse stand out among variety of GameFi project which use simple, colorful animation with indie gameplay. This is a key factor that helps DFH confidently move towards positioning in the high-end segment, such as AAA games in the market.

Besides of the impressive graphich gameplay, Defihorse has great potential in developing an e-sport tournament system. The competitive horses racing keep every spectator in suspense until the last seconds, and our development team strives for a balance in gameplay to create a much-awaited e-sport.

About Poolz Ventures

PoolZ Ventures is an investment with the best in class advisors within the Crypto market with vast accumulated experiences in order to be the best support and mentor for project through all stage, challenges and promoted faster growth and scale.

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