Defihorse: How to avoid scamming for new racers

Defihorse – an NFT gaming project which will lauch in 2022. With the fast growth, Defihorse investor need to pay attention for the target of scammers. With every prevention solution, Defihorse’s dev are always try to provide safety for your assets.

How to protect your Defihorse assets from scammers ?

In order to prevent your personal assets in Defihorse, please following these instruction:

  • Do not click or log in on any unexpected URL from stranger to gain access to your wallet. If you had done this things, please change your log in information instantly
  • Do not share your security account information to any body (log in account, password, recovery phrase, private key)
  • Only following an official social media and community grop of Defihorse in order to prevent scamming

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What makes Defihorse differents from other horse racing NFT game ?

The epic in horse racing game

The value of the horse racing game is based on: speed, competitive, suspense and the prizes of every races. People want to have an exciting race. And you could have much more in Defihorse while having an oppotunity to become a legendary.

Metaverse application

Defihorse is a wonderful mix of high tech. This game promise many surprises in Metaverse: a virtual world where the impossible becomes possible

The digital ecosystem

The NFT gaming community will be surprised by the Tap to earn gameplay. Players can earn money with a variety of ways as a part of Defihorse ecosystem such as: Horse breeding, racing, NFT trading and many more. The gamplay are really rich and varied, so the income is attractive to every one.

CyberPunk graphic design

The brightness of spirit swaggers through the darkness of dominance and ambition. This contrast is emphasized throughout the game with vibrant neon effects that skillfully combine the antiquity of ancient mythology with the intricacies of modern technology. Prepare to be admired by the best graphics quality in the game.

In conclude, Defihorse can be seen as a super product which is being highly sought by the community. The game promise to bring many new attractive element which no less than any other NFT gaming.

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