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Defihorse annouced their official TOKEN – $DFH

Defihorse recently announced their official ingame TOKEN – $DFH. The project is now being interested by so many player due to the competitive gameplay and the stunning graphic design

What circumstance can DFH Token be used

Based on Binance Smart Chain technology that optimizes for GameFi projects, DFH Token has high applicability in the ecosystem. DFH token is used for many purposes, such as becoming the currency used to buy NFT steeds, paying for participation in horse racing tournaments, and staking. Players will also receive DFH as a bonus for achievements in each race.

The creation, distribution and management of DFH tokens is completely transparent and committed to following the roadmap. At that time, the value and attractiveness of DFH to investors or gamers will not be reduced.

To find out more about Defihorse TOKEN’s ecosystem:

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How to gain DFH TOKEN

In order to gain DFH Token, players can used some method. For example: Để có thể khai thác được DFH TOKEN trong game, người chơi có thể sử dụng các cách thức sau

  • Selling NFT assets: There will be serveral disscount on Defihorse, where players can buy a value assets with a suitable prices
  • Transaction activities: Selling NFT horses, racing, breeding….

Different from any traditional game, Defihorses head to build a metaverse, where players can own, selling or breeding horse just like a rich man in real life. Especially, DFH direct themselves to a high class of NFT gaming. In this world, player can own a value NFT horses and bring them the realistic emotion like a normal horses racing in real life.

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