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Defihorse: A new race had just been started – AstroCAT

The first Defihorse race – Moto Fx had finished. It;s time for a new races: Astro CAT. A new race event with plenty of high value presen had started. Join Astro CAT now with Defihorse

How to join in the race

In order to take part in AstroCAT, play need to follow each step:

  • Join in the link of the game, play in Defihorse’s Global group chat
  • Invite at least 3 friend to join Global Chat group
  • Retweet the AstroCA annoucement with hashtag #DeFiHorse #AmazingRaceAstroCAT in your retweet
  • Comment the picture of your point on AstroCAT post in Facebook. Remember to add your Telegram usenam (Each player can post only onces)

Present for the winner

The present for the winner of the race will be:

  • 5 present which cost 50$ for 5 people with highest score per day.
  • 3 present which cost 100$  for top 3 people who had at least 50 recommendation within 4 days of the event.

Attention: The result of first race MotoFx will be update in 2 hours. Stay tune!

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