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Cryptobike developer forces to refund for their investor

CryptoBike investor has to refund for the investor after being accused by the community

It can be said that the GameFi CryptoBike project is the most scandalous blockchain project in Vietnam in 2021 and is also the first blockchain project that the game development team has been threatened and forced by investors when suddenly releasing 6 million tokens as a price. fell miserably in the early days of 2022.

After detecting signs of scamming related to CryptoBike, many investors have reached out to the social network accounts of the project development, programming and design team to demand for money refund. There are many threats from game investors called ‘gangsters’ which had been sent to the project development team.

The annoucement from DEV representative

Under pressure from the community, the representative of CryptoBike had to announce that he would refund investors. However, this person still maintained that CryptoBike was hacked and said that it only refunded 70% of the money to investors who had lost their assets.

On January 5th morning, when logging into, website had been unable to access.

The website cannot access in today morning

On every community channels of Cryptobike, the administrator had block comment because of handling the circumstances

The CryptoBike incident sounded the alarm about the ignorance of many investors in the crypto market. Many comments said that many blind FOMO people continue to pay the price if they do not learn, have no understanding of the game, blockchain when downsizing.

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