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Coin98 Staking and A-Z guideline for beginners and details about interesting rate

What is Coin98 Staking ?

Coin98 Staking, the latest product of Coin98 Labs, are rewards given to C98 holders. This is a simple and safe way to earn profits for Coin98 owners.

Coin98 Staking offers a fixed interest rate based on the user’s staking plan. There are three staking services with different duration and total number of staking tokens.

After completing the staking process, you can withdraw your deposited C98 as well as the profit directly on your wallet. It is noted that you cannot withdraw tokens within the first 15 days from the date of staking.

In case you cancel your staking ahead of time, you will still receive a 2% floating interest rate.

Benefits of staking on Coin98

In addition to the attractive interest rates, C98 staker also receives an exclusive NFT staking card from Coin98.

Each staking plan will receive a separate and unique NFT. With the current program, Coin98 is offering 9 different NFT staking tokens divided by time and staking amount.

At the same time, Coin98 also allows you to personalize your NFT card by supporting name change and custom ID number. This NFT Staking card is a unique asset that you can share to your friends on social networks without disclosing your information.

Introduction to stake C98 on Coin98 

 Step 1: Access Coin98 Staking at and confirm the terms.

Step 2: Choose a staking plan and fill in information:

  • Staking budget.
  • Time.
  • Enter cardholder name (Optional).
  • Enter the desired card number (Optional).

Step 3: Adjust Gwei (if necessary) and click Confirm Deposit.

Step 4: Check the command again and click Confirm to complete.

Is it safe to stake on Coin98?

The Coin98 development staff, who have many-years experience in the technology field, have constantly worked and thoroughly checked every process to launch Staking products. Peckshield and Certik are two audit partners with Coin98 in order to guarantee the security and safety for users’ assets.

After many rigorous processes, Coin98 Staking was officially introduced to the worldwide crypto community. You can stake anytime and anywhere with the maximum security on the Coin98 Staking interface.

How does Coin98 Staking limit loss for users?

Unexpected fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market can bring extraordinary losses to users. Do you want to sit back and relax while still making profits even in a bear market?

Place your C98 today at and enjoy a fixed percentage based on your staking plan. PRICE ESTIMATE Coin98 wishes to bring stability to all users.

Is it possible to remove the C98 ahead of time?

In other staking platforms, users will not get any profit on early withdrawal. However, Coin98 always wants to share the opportunity to earn more income for users, therefore, you can still get a 2% floating interest rate if you cancel before the deadline (after the 15th day from the date of staking).

In addition, in Coin98 you do not need to pay a fee when you stake or cancel C98. Users only need to pay the network fee for the staking process.

 Future plan 

In the future, besides C98, Coin98 will open a pool of many other tokens for stakers. As a result, the project can have a chance to contact and interact with users and help Coin98 users earn more money without wasting time and effort.

About Coin98 

Coin98 is a comprehensive DeFi platform that provides many services on multiple blockchains, which allows users to access multiple DeFi services in one easy place. Coin98’s goal is to transfer from Decentralized Finance (DeFi) to traditional mainstream (TradFi) to. Coin98’s main products include Coin98 Wallet, Coin98 Exchange and Space Gateway (cross-chain bridge)



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