What is Calo Metaverse – Everything you need to know about Calo metaverse

In the current Metaverse market, we have many trends such as Play to Earn, Pay to Earn or Learn to Earn,… However, what they all have in common is that we just sit in one place and do not go outside to see this wonderful world. Today I want to introduce to you a model of earning passive income through playing sports, also known as Burn to Earn. The project I want to introduce to you today is Calo.run

The story of the founder of Calo.run

The birth of the Calo Metaverse was inspired by the true story of the project founder, Stephen Phan. In 2016, he and his friends participated in an ultra Marathon – a 100km race lasting 14-15 hours and when he finished, Stephen Phan felt happiness all over his body. It’s not just the joy of receiving the medals but the overwhelming sense of victory that comes with completing a true challenge.

So Stephen Phan wants to spread that positive energy to everyone and encourage them to practice every day. Especially during the current Covid-19 pandemic, everyone needs to raise awareness about mental health and well-being. Stephen believes that you need to build a scientific diet and exercise regimen to have good health. And for that reason, Calo Metaverse was born to motivate people to exercise more every day and improve health.


What is Calo Metaverse?

Calo Metaverse is a global health application built on the blockchain platform. By training every day to burn calories and participating in challenges, users can both exercise and earn passive income in a fun and healthy way.

Earn mechanism with Calo.run is completely new, with a brand new “Burn to Earn” reward mechanism, users will be rewarded with tokens or NFT through calorie-burning training. Thus, it encourages and motivates the participants to exercise, builds a healthy community with positive experiences.

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The benefits of Calo Metaverse for users

Instead of using existing training apps on the market, some even force users to pay to use an upgraded version. With Calo Metaverse, it is completely different, users can both exercise and earn extra income. Using the Calo Metaverse will bring you many specific benefits as follows:

  • Build a regular exercise routine, thereby improving your health through workouts designed by Calo Metaverse or Calo.run’s partners.
  • Help users interact and connect with friends with similar sports interests. Increase community engagement through participating and performing team challenges.
  • Earn more compelling sources of income through buying or selling tokens and NFT items on the marketplace.

Users can set up and use the application in a very simple way by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Download and install the application
  • Step 2: Join daily workout and get FAT token
  • Step 3: Join the challenge by paying FAT tokens
  • Step 4: Complete the challenges received
  • Step 5: Get the reward as CALO Token or NFT.

The ecosystem of Calo.run

Burn to Earn is just a special keyword to attract users’ attention, but behind Calo Metaverse is a rich ecosystem that will complete in the near future.

Health DATA: User’s exercise data and health data will be used as evidence to receive rewards, and also analyzed by Calo Metaverse’s computer system, helping users evaluate their progress and health. Users can also sync workout data to the app through Garmin. Strava, AppleHealt,…

Challenge Metaverse: The challenges and tasks offered by Calo Metaverse are designed with many purposes such as improving the health of users, increasing community interaction, interesting experiences,… The challenge system in the Calo Metaverse is divided into 4 main groups:

  • Sponsored Challenge: To participate in the sponsored challenge, players will need to use FAT Tokens generated through calories burned during daily workouts. Or you can use CALO Tokens received from previous challenges or buy in the market. The rewards that players will win when completing this challenge group are CALO Tokens and NFT items such as medals, digital medals,…
  • Team Challenge: Team Challenge focuses on the interaction of team members, builds a community platform for participants through group challenges (between teams, between companies, between cities, and further is between countries). The difference between the team challenge from the sponsored challenge is that all the recorded data are calculated by the group and based on the group’s results to distribute the corresponding rewards.
  • Charity Challenge: This is a challenge group with great humanistic meaning in the Calo ecosystem. By participating in challenges, users can contribute part of their efforts to the community and society. All the rewards the user gets for completing the challenge will be transferred to the charity wallet and to the necessary addresses in a clear and transparent way.
  • Tournament Challenge: The tournament challenge will be held on a special occasion during the year. To participate in this challenge, users need to own a special type of NFT. These NFTs can be combined from the NFTs you have been rewarded with from previous challenges. So not everyone can join this challenge. Difficult to participate, difficult to win but the reward for the winner is completely worth the effort they have put in. They are unique and great value NFTs in the market.

NFT Market: This is where users can trade their NFTs won after each tournament or challenge. In addition, users can buy and sell LOLO – the character that will accompany the user in the Calo Metaverse application. Lolo’s mana will be gradually lost during training with the owner. It will need to recharge with Calo Token/Fat Token or food to stay active. LOLO also has special stats, which will be increased when the owner is active.

AR Sport GameFi: The app also creates AR and NFT Sport GameFi to bring more enjoyable workout experiences to users. You can join challenges to earn more tokens or valuable NFT items.

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Information about FAT and CALO tokens

Overview of the FAT token

FAT Token is a type of the token issued through synchronization of activity data into the Calo Metaverse application. When you do daily activities, you’re burning calories. The more calories you burn, the more FAT tokens you get.

  • Token name: Fat Token
  • Token ticker: FAT
  • Total Supply: Unlimited

Token Usecase

FAT tokens are used to:

  • Buy tickets to join the challenges.
  • Energy Booster
  • Trade on the market

Overview of the CALO token

  • Token name: Calo Token
  • Ticker: CALO
  • Blockchain: Updating
  • Token Standard: Updating
  • Contract: Updating
  • Supply: 500.000.000 CALO

Token Sale

  • Private Sale: 0.03$ / CALO
  • Public Sale: 0.035$ / CALO

Token release schedule

Allocation Lock Vesting
Team 12 months 5% per month
Private sale Unlock 5% TGE + 1 day then lock 1 month 8 per month
Public sale Unlock 25% TGE 25% per month
Community Unlock 5% TGE 5% per month
Liquidity Unlock 25% TGE 25% per month
Development Unlock 5% TGE then lock for 1 month 10% per month
Reward Unlock when launching the app


Token Usecase

Calo token is the main currency of the Calo ecosystem. Calo tokens are used with the following roles:

  • Governance: CALO token holders can stake tokens and participate in governance voting.
  • Brands use CALO Token to create challenges for players. The reward will be given to the player if they complete the assigned challenge.
  • Players can stake CALO tokens for profit. Use Calo Tokens to participate in challenges and make transactions on Marketplace.

Roadmap of the project

The publisher has planned the development plan of the application in the following specific phases:

The fourth quarter of 2021

  • Launch Alpha Test Version
  • Calo IDO
  • Exercise challenges

The first quarter of 2022

  • Launch Beta test version
  • Staking pool official app launch

The second quarter of 2022

  • Team Challenge
  • NFT Fitness market system

The third quarter of 2022

  • Beta AR NFT’s minting
  • CSR system

The fourth quarter of 2022

  • AR Challenge
  • Training Guide Tournament

The first quarter of 2023

  • Beta Booster
  • Booster Gaming

Project team, advisors, investors, and partners

Project team

Calo’s development team gathers experienced members in the field of Blockchain, e-commerce, gaming studio…

  • Mr. Tuan Phan – CEO: He is also the founder and CEO of companies specializing in sports and healthy lifestyles such as GoldSport, Eat More Salad by Sweetie Ltd.Co, Hanofarm, etc. With the desire to spread the positive values ​​brought by exercise and sport, he is the one who inspires and leads the Calo Metaverse to success.
  • Minh Tri Nguyen – CTO: He has a master’s degree in data science and many years of experience in the field of software and computer technology, the first one to contribute to the Moonka project.
  • Andy Vu – CMO: He is also the founder and CEO of Digimind.vn, a core member of the very popular Momiwar project now.

Advisors of the project

Calo also receives enthusiastic support from experienced advisors:

  • Alex Duong: Co-Founder of DEHR Network
  • Lucid Hoang: Founder and CEO of UFIN.
  • Huy Nguyen: CEO of Pencil Group.
  • Dung Nguyen: Vice President of VECOM
  • Leon Truong: Chairman of the Board of Directors of DTS

Investors and partners of the project

The project raised $2 million from partners and investment funds such as VECOM, DTS, BMW Capital, Game Hub, Ufin, BIC Capital, BSC Station, Alpha True, AU21 Capital, CoinLab, Pencil,…


Personal comments about the project

Calorie App is about selling experiences, not the app. Therefore, users play a central role in the project. Calo Metaverse focuses on building solutions that bring entertaining experiences to make money for app users in exercise and health training.

In addition to trying to optimize the user experience, the project also cooperates with strategic partners such as Fitness & Gym chains, sports tournament organizers,… Calo Metaverse plays the role of strategic consultant, increasing user value, attracting customers to participate.

About tokenimic, I think it’s quite good. However, the locking and vesting token is quite short compared to the project’s roadmap. As for the buy demand of CALO tokens, we have to wait and see exactly how much players can earn and how much brands have to spend to organize events. However this is an interesting project, I will continue to monitor and can participate in earning CALO tokens by participating in Calo Metaverse tasks and events.


According to market research by Allied, the online sports market could reach $59.23 billion by 2027 with an annual growth rate of 33.1% from 2020 to 2027. These impressive numbers show the potential of this market in the future. As of 2020, there are more than 830 million people using fitness apps and wearables.

This shows that people’s need for exercise and health care is quite high. Along with the development and popularity of blockchain technology today, the Calo Metaverse brings a breakthrough solution in training. What do you guys think about this project? Please leave a comment below to discuss with us.

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