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Analyst predicts massive rally for these two altcoins

Top trader Kevin Cage predicts a big boom for 2 small cap altcoins with strong fundamentals.

Casper (CSPR)

An altcoin that is also on Cage’s radar is Casper (CSPR), the first live proof-of-stake blockchain based on the Casper CBC specification.

“It has the same model that Ethereum is likely to adopt in the future. And that could help Casper stay one step ahead of the competition. This is one of the reasons many people call Casper Ethereum 3.0 or the ultimate evolution of Ethereum. ”

At the time of the video, CSPR is trading at $ 0.16 with a market cap of just $ 429 million. Analysts share the firm belief that CSPR, like Solana, is growing exponentially and will cause a sensation in Layer 1 protocols.

“It is currently in the accumulation phase. I like to buy if it’s right at this point, before a major breakout occurs. The longer it accumulates, the higher the boom. 2022 will be a big year for Casper as Casper Labs begins rolling out its platform and announces partnerships with several big names from the UAE. A CSPR return to the all-time high of 1.37 is absolutely possible. ”

KILT protocol (KILT)

The top altcoin on the merchant list is the KILT protocol, an open blockchain protocol that offers verifiable, verifiable and claims-based claims on Web 3.0. The purpose of KILT is to regain control of personal data to its owners, restore individual privacy and enable innovative business models around identity and information, the analyst explained.

“When we enter the Metaverse, the need for KYC compliance will be enormous. Digital identity is absolutely essential, especially given the decentralization of this information. KILT is a big project and it will be a new game in this area and become KYC for billion dollar metaverse projects, for NFT projects or other digital projects in a non-existent way.

In addition, the crypto-KOL also emphasized that KILT is entering into corporate partnerships in the fields of energy, healthcare and banking.

Currently, KILT is trading at $ 8 with a market cap of just $ 270 million. Although KILT sees many fractals in the price movement after the massive surge since its inception, the trader said that KILT appears to be making the same upward movement as MOVR.

Sources: Coincu

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