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About Justin Sun, the ‘little Jack Ma’ of the cryptocurrency industry

Justin Sun, a 29-year-old Chinese businessman, is the founder of Tronix (also known as Tron), the 10th most valuable cryptocurrency in the world with a market capitalization of $2.56 billion.

Born into an ordinary family, he thought everything would be serene with a dream of becoming a Go player, but…


Start with difficulty

Justin Sun was born in Qinghai City, China to a mother who is a reporter and a father who is a deputy of education

At the age of 8, with the dream of becoming a professional Go player, the boy was sent by his mother to a private elementary school in Wuhan. Due to living away from home when he was too young, Justin once confided: “At such a young age, I did not know anyone when I came to Wuhan. Dormitory with more than 40 kids like me, there are some people who cry every night but don’t want to let others know. Me too, snuggled up in blankets and cried every night because I missed my parents.”

 But homesickness is only a minor problem and learning is the main difficulty. Because this is a school that trains professional players in the future, there are always fierce competitions that are no less than the university entrance exam. And after three years of studying, the boy Justin had to return home because he could not complete the exams.

 Although he is now a bit depressed, Justin is happy to see his parents again. However, he was greeted with the news that his parents had divorced:

 Justin: “It was like a thunderbolt on a sunny day. It was hard to go to school for those three years, but I always thought that I still had a home to return to. But the result is, this thought was broken. They didn’t break up peacefully… there were big fights…”


Become a millionaire thanks to Bitcoin

In an interview with GQ magazine, Justin Sun said one of the life principles he has practiced since childhood: “Be the first. If you can’t be first in a field, replace it immediately with another.”

It is thanks to this point of view that when he first heard about Bitcoin in 2013, he did not hesitate to dive into and practice investing in this new asset class and shares of Tesla.

In many later interviews, Justin recalled this time several times and said that he had made tens of millions of yuan thanks to Bitcoin.

In the process of investing in Bitcoin, he realized the great potential of finance on the Internet and decided to return to the country to develop his career; although before that, he had prepared to apply to law school with the original intention of going to Wall Street


Lunch costs nearly $4.6 million

Sun is famous in the investment world for spending $4,567,888 to have lunch with the world’s third-richest billionaire, Warren Buffett. The June 2019 lunch between Justin Sun and Warren Buffett shocked the financial world. He had to spend about $4.5 million on a charity meal on eBay to be able to meet Warren Buffett.

This is the highest number in this event’s 20-year history.


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