A New Token Supporting Blockchain and Crypto Consumers

The popularity of play-to-earn video games is on the rise. Fortunately, new services are decreasing the barriers to entry with the development of blockchain-based games and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). A new gaming paradigm shift based on actual asset ownership and a new “play-to-earn” framework is gaining traction.

Similarly, Axie Infinity, a play-to-earn NFT-based online game that has fueled international interest with over 1.8 million daily users, quickly became one of Ethereum’s trusted gaming dApps. Thus, GameFi promotes the notion that gamers should put their money on assets that may grow in value and be bought on secondary markets instead of spending money on in-game content.

NFT technology enables this, and the underlying blockchains would allow players to earn money in the real world. As a result, a new, all-digital economy has emerged, one that not only rewards gamers for their participation but also provides financial services that make gaming a potentially lucrative source of revenue.

However, even then, only a fraction of the world’s two billion users are minting money. A concrete example is Citrus, which aims to tackle this issue by rewarding every gamer who plays blockchain games while building utility apps, investing in future projects, constructing a sophisticated ecosystem, and transforming the blockchain domain.

What is Citrus?

Citrus is a Binance Smart Chain token with the mission of accelerating the revolution of gaming and giving answers to the blockchain world by offering next-gen DeFi ecosystems, lucrative NFTs, user-friendly DApps, and beyond.

Citrus will soon debut its Exchange, Decentralized Games, and Social Media app, NFTs, as well as its own ‘Blockchain Technology,’ which has limitless applications. Alongside the goal of investing in young, blockchain-based enterprises that are just getting started but have much potential to grow.


Citrus Tech has distributed and split the millions of tokens in their possession in a way that appears to benefit each division. These divisions include a 5-year lock-in for the future, innovation projects, bounty, and airdrop.

For the next five years, 163.4 million tokens will remain locked. After the lock-in period has ended, ten million tokens will be produced every quarter, and they will be used to:

  • Develop the Banking and Governance Protocols
  • Advance the Blockchain Gaming Community
  • Strengthen Global Enterprises and Blockchain Start-ups

The Citrus token

The Citrus cryptocurrency offers a unique use-case scenario; wherein it was created to fund blockchain gaming and offer high-tech multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games.

The majority of the games will be AI (Artificial Intelligence), VR (Virtual Reality), and AR (Augmented Reality) enabled, which will completely transform the gaming universe. Citrus games will provide lucrative opportunities to participants since each game will have its algorithm for distributing rewards and bonuses.

The token first went on a private sale with 104.6 million tokens from July 2021 onwards until relatively recently, when it just ended.

It was predetermined that any tokens that were unsold in the private sale would be burnt. As a result, a total of 3 million tokens have been burnt. Following the token burn, the new total supply stands at 380 million tokens. The current distribution excludes 3 million tokens from the initial supply of 383 million.

Sources: coinquora

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