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2022 prediction: Will be the year of blockchain

The Guardian makes predictions about the change of some technologies in 2022.

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Twitter could be more efficient. In 2021, this social network does not generate big profits like Facebook or Instagram. Investors are also worried that Twitter lags behind the rivals in features, revenue per user, and diversity in monetization. Many people consider Twitter a part of their income but not the main source of money.

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That could change in 2022 when Twitter tests super follow, a feature that requires paying to follow celebrities and see exclusive content. The company also acquired news platform Revue and several monetization tools. With co-founder Jack Dorsey leaving as CEO, Twitter will be the big name to watch out for in 2022.

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The NFT continues to be “hyped”. Acting as a virtual signature, the NFT proves the authenticity of the artwork, where the blockchain serves as an irrevocable proof of ownership. In 2021, many artworks in the form of NFT are released. However, some remain skeptical of their true value, besides the blurred line between ownership of works and ownership of the blockchain associated with them.

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According to The Guardian, NFT will still be talked about and “hyped” a lot in 2022, but users should consider before selling or buying NFT, especially the platform fees can reach hundreds of dollars besides the possibility of fraud and devaluation.

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Uber will continue to struggle. The economy of delivery and transportation is still developing in some countries amid the outbreak of the pandemic. However, profits from this market did not grow much. Uber has raised prices by 10% in London (UK) but is still having trouble recruiting drivers. The profit of this industry is not much compared to the huge amount of money invested. 

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The driver force is also a new competitive factor when a series of fast delivery startups are born, offering great discounts for drivers but still ensuring cheap delivery fees. However, it is also the fastest way to “burn” money. The Guardian predicts many companies in this sector will fail or merge in 2022.

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Jack Dorsey will start a blockchain company. The Twitter co-founder doesn’t hide his crypto interest on his personal page. After stepping down as Twitter CEO, he changed the name of the online payments company Square to Block. In 2022, it is likely that Dorsey will establish a subsidiary related to blockchain. Also, it wouldn’t be surprising if the company included Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal as an investor.

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New opportunities for virtual reality (VR). When it comes to VR, they still stick to bulky glasses. Even when introducing the virtual universe (metaverse), Facebook also takes VR glasses as the central device. In the past, VR glasses were not popular due to their heaviness, lack of content but with the popularity of the metaverse, VR can play an important role and attract more users.

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Indie games continue to conquer the market. 2021 is a memorable year for indie games (games developed by individuals or small teams), including the return of No Man’s Sky after years of being considered a “failure”. Meanwhile, the killer game is still the advantage of Among Us in the context of the pandemic, besides names like Garden Story, Sable… According to The Guardian, there will be many indie games worth waiting for in 2022.

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The traditional ports will return. In 2021, Apple’s turning point is to bring ports like HDMI, MagSafe, and the SD card slot back to the MacBook Pro line. If laptop manufacturers have followed Apple’s footsteps in removing the connection ports, hopefully, they will also add the old ports on devices launched in 2022.


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